Foreign Allegiance presents Foreign Drums Vol. 2

Foreign Drums Vol. 2

What’s cracking MM? It’s been a long time, but I’m back with another review. Today is the day I will be bringing you the new product in the Foreign Allegiance family, Foreign Drums Vol. 2. I’m pretty excited about this one, as I’ve heard very good things about its predecessor. I’m sure most of you know that Foreign Allegiance is a duo, which have produced several hits for artists and have also released Beats x Beers and Foreign Drums Vol. 1. Both can be purchased at DrumBroker. Lets get to it.

On the face of it, the kit is nicely organized with 5 folders. This will make it easier for Maschine users to bank and tag your sounds. The kit consists of 9 Hats, 9 Kicks, 6 Percussion, 8 Snares, 3 Drum Loops and 13 Loops. This is a total of 32 sounds and 16 loops. All of the sounds come in .WAV format and are compatible with most DAWS including Ableton, Logic Pro X, Fruit Loops, ProTools, Reason etc.

So lets get down to business. The Hats. There is a small mixture in this bundle, some are sharp and really crispy, whereas others are soft and delicate, which could give that emotional feel to a track. The Kicks deliver that impact, that Thud you want. You will find a few 808’s lurking about, which may need to be trimmed down as the sustain is quite high. The tong Kick is one of my favorites, as it has a very unique sound.

I was very surprised at how clear and crisp the Percussion sounds are. They are so pleasant on the ears and I have to say the quality is up there with the best. The sounds are very useful in all genres of beat making. The Snares also fall into this category. They are very crisp and clear and deliver that presence a Snare should. There is a wide variety of different Snares, so no matter what genre of music you’re making, there is something for you. Foreign Allegiance has included 1 reverse Snare sound, which is DOPE.

Last, but not least we have the Loops. The 3 Drum Loops are all high quality and all 3 deliver a different tempo / atmosphere. I don’t normally use Drum Loops, but these are definitely usable and I’m thinking of using them in the next week or so. Now for the grand finale, the 13 Loops. Some are better than others, but all deliver the high quality seen consistently through this kit. There’s a wide range of BPM’s to go off and it’s a good mix. There are a few odd balls in the kit, and they’re all vocals. Honestly, they’re not what I’m looking for and seem a bit weak, but that’s my only bad point for this whole kit. Some of the Loops are seriously DOPE guys. A few of my favorites are Strinn, Dung and BAD, is seriously BAD!!!

To sum this up, this is a really dope kit that delivers consistent quality throughout. Pretty much everything in this kit can be easily used and it gives you the opportunity to make DOPE beats in no time. This is a great addition to your arsenal and it can be purchased from DrumBroker at a very affordable price of $9.99.

One thing I would say is that this kit left me wanting more. Foreign Allegiance should think hard about bringing out a big library. If they pick all the sounds as detailed as they did in this kit, then there’s no doubt it will fly off the shelves. So until next time you can catch me at @UKAntSmith


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