Drum Pockets Volume 1 Kit Review

Welcome again everybody to the Maschine Masters kit review where we give you the inside scoop on the newest sounds and effects coming straight from some of the illest sound designers and producers in the music game. I want to introduce you all to the latest kit called Drum Pockets Volume 1 Drum Kit presented by Mr. Temmtation. Mr. Temmtation is a very multi-talented, up and coming producer from New York. Mr. Temmtation has some very high quality work and I personally give him a lot of praise for his musical talents. Let’s jump straight into this dope kit.

In this kit you get (14) High quality one shot 808 bass sounds, (6) Cymbals, (22) Hi Hats, (26) Kicks, (6) Royalty free Wav and Midi Loops, (11) Percussion and (28) Snares & Rim shots. That’s 91 Wav samples and 6 midi files that will bring fire to any DAW music software out there. These sounds are very high quality, possibly ran through some type of analog gear such as a Tape Machine or SP-1200. It has that thick texture to blanket every sound with that warm vintage feel. Not to mention that this kit also comes with a complimentary E-book with some of Mr. Temmtation’s mixing and production secrets.

While scrolling through all the drum samples I found the snare sounds to be my personal favorites. It has that snap, smack and punch that really gets up in your face. Some of the snares are nicely layered with some percussion instruments I would guess tambourine or maybe a broken glass effect. Some snares even have a well-developed pre-delayed reverb with a nice tail end on it.

The kick drums have weight and punch to them. Most kicks hit around 60-140 Hz and carry a nice low bottom end that you can actually feel in the mix. The kicks are heavy so you won’t need too much processing as far as compression, maybe some fine tuning to fit the groove of your song but these kicks are good as is. The 808 sub bass are very powerful and must be used cautiously; turn down your volume before attacking your drum pads because these monsters can make the house shake and wake up your neighbors. The 808 one shots each have a different tune and character to them; they are also dense and won’t need too much processing.

The Hi Hats, Cymbals and Percussion are pretty much your typical sounding one shot samples. Don’t get me wrong they are all very nicely processed and cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter. Personally I wouldn’t want it any other way. The percussion sounds are a jewel because of the layering options. You can layer them with a snare or possibly a kick depending on the style and genre of music you’re producing.

The wav and midi loops are dope, they have a nice melodic groove but maybe we can request some more loops in Drum Pockets Volume 2, uh um, maybe some drum midi. Enough with the hints but for some producer inspiration these loops will come in handy for song writing purposes or if you suffer from the mind wrenching writers block. They are royalty free so why not take advantage; you have nothing to lose but to gain. Any of these sounds in this kit can be used to produce any genre of music whether it is Hip-hop, EDM and R&B. This is a very diverse kit and I will be storing them in my arsenal of sounds.

The grand jewel of this whole kit is the E-book. This will give you inside tips and beginner methods on how to produce a song and mix with simple and easy steps. To say the least it’s worth having a basic guide to get you through some of the mind boggling questions that can be easily solved with simple answers. This E-book alone is worth the kit.

The kit is $9.99 and worth every penny in my book. Also for more information you can follow Mr. Temmtation. For more kit reviews, log onto Maschinemasters.com. Thank you for chiming in yall. Love, peace and beats.

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