Divided Souls “12 Bit Soul” Kit Review

What’s going on everybody? It is time for another exclusive Maschine Masters review. What we have is the Twelve Bit Soul Kit (a collection of drums from the SP-1200) produced by the Divided Souls Production. The kit includes 138-Kicks, 11-Toms, 12-Claps, 120-Snares, 2-Stix, 23-Hats and 15-Percussion sounds. Every drum sample is in .Wav format so it can be used in about any music production software. Having these sounds ran through a classic SP-1200 can warm the soul and change your sound character real quick. Let’s dig deep into the soul kit.

When you first open up the kit you will see two folders one labeled normalized sounds and the other raw sounds. They both have the same amount of sample sounds in each folder, but to state the obvious the 2 folders are different. The normalized sounds are set at a target level while the other is not. I won’t get too much into audio processing. There is really not much of a sound difference between the two (normalized and raw) files when triggering each of the same samples. They pretty much have the same feel and character in both files.

While digging through some of the kicks in this kit, I found that these are some of easiest kicks to layer because of the different sonic ranges (low, low-mids and high-mids) you can choose from. Many of the kick samples are not heavily processed which you’re more likely to get a raw sound character from them. Some of the kicks alone have a nice bottom, some have a nice punch to them and probably need little to no processing, just depends on how dense your mix is on your track.

The toms are your average sounding toms, possibly sourced and samples from a vintage drum kit, very raw and tuned. I love toms and wish there was more of a variety in this kit. The soul claps and snare are by far my favorites in this kit.

The snares and claps smack, punch and have that gritty feel in almost every single hit. The soul snares definitely were layered up with some percussion to cut through the mix and it gives a full character to the sound. If you’re a Boom Bap Producer then you will appreciates the feel of these snares. They will smack the soul out yo ass! The claps have some reverb and blend well when layered with the snares.

Now moving along to the soul percussion and hats selection where they have a pretty nice variety of open & closed hats that are crispy and dusty for that vintage feel. They remind me a lot of the hats used in the mid 90’s hip hop era; maybe that Mobb Deep shook ones type hats. I can say when doing boom bap tracks these would be a go to selection, no doubt.

The percussion sounds make noise too. You have your original congas, shakers, claves and some other sounds to layer with any other drum samples of your choice.

Just going through this kit and finding a selection was pretty easy. I have found great use of putting together a nice finger drumming kit and playing openly with a nice rhythm. The sounds in my opinion are pretty much your average classic SP-1200 sounding drum samples. I will give this kit, 12 out of 16 pads only because it could have used more toms and some effects but again this kit sounds great and has a lot of warmth and character.

If you are interested in this kit you can find the Twelve Bit Soul Kit at The Drum Broker for just $9.99. Man! I’m telling you that is a killer deal for these sounds. Be sure to check out more of our exclusive reviews on MASCHINE MASTERS and until next time. Peace love and sampling.


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