All Dirty Breaks Everything Volume 2 Review

Maschine Masters can I be candid! I have been craving steak. In the past, I liked my steak cooked well done. Over time, I’ve changed and I like to have it cooked medium well because the juices make the steak taste better. There is nothing like sitting at the table, pulling out your fork and knife and then cutting into a well-cooked steak. Guess what producers, I like my drums-breaks and samples the same as my steak. I’m sorry but the drums must have the ability to either sit in the track and support the melody or be tough enough to drive the entire track. What a meal! With that being said, let’s review Illmind’s Special Limited Edition: “All Dirty Breaks Everything” Volume 2. Hold up! Get your knives ready cause it’s cutting time!

Contained in All Dirty Breaks Everything Volume 2 is 77 sounds. Each of the 20 folders are filled with 1 drum-breaks and 3 to 4 stems of the kick, snare and hi-hat. The key to this collection is the ease you’ll have when chopping the kicks, snares and cymbals since the drums-breaks are (stemmed) separated and tracked out. These are not merely loops or one-shots like other kits sell. If you have All Dirty Breaks Everything Vol. 1 then you know what I mean. This is not new! Yes, you will have to do some work. Come on, don’t be lazy! Stop It! This is a choppers delight. Pull out your samples and “get ta choppin”!

I think it’s great how Illmind (Chef Blap) treated these break-beat patterns and gave us the stems to chop. SHHHH…this is like being in a session with Illmind. Nah! However, these drums do come from a live set. Some of the drums-breaks have that lo-fi, gritty and well processed sound like a drum kit in the back of the attic hooked up to a Neve Mixer. Other breaks have that filtered gritty record sampled quality that Blap-kits have been accustomed to deliver. That’s good! The breaks are filled with ghost notes in the snares and kicks, great sticking on the hi-hats, crashes and ride cymbals that bring life to tracks! Bravo Illmind! All Dirty Breaks Everything Volume 2 has great sound quality. As usual he manages to keep things fresh.

Simply put, these drum-breaks are dope. He picked right up where he left off with ALL Dirty Breaks Everything Vol.1. As I eluded to earlier, the breaks have a live but gritty drum set sound. Other kits have a sampled sound. This is a choppers dream because of the stems Illmind provides. This is a welcomed collection to his already extensive catalog. If you are ready to start sampling go visit the Drum Broker and purchase this kit for $24.99.

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