Trumpet Dude Horn Pack Review

Wutup MM! Yep, back at it again. Volcano Beats here with something a little different this time. There are thousands upon thousands of sound sets everywhere that focus on drums, percussion, piano, synths and even guitar. Rarely do you find one that covers only horns. So here I have a real treat from our new friend, Grammy award winning, “Trumpet Dude”. Yea, that’s the name, trumpet is the game. Stacks of them!


The Trumpet Dude gives us over 300MB of some very dope custom played horns. If you’re a horn fanatic like I am, you’ll probably enjoy just listening to them, as I did when I first dove into this pack. Included are 11 construction kits which are labeled in folders with the corresponding tempos ranging from 90bpm-150bpm. Now when I say construction kit I don’t mean that in the traditional sense like you would find with drums, synths, keys, bass and the like, which are all in the same key, tempo. Oh no, I mean “horn section construction”, nothing else. Each construction kit has 15 or more files making for amazing horn stacks! Each file is in conveniently recorded at 16bit/44khz wav format. Meaning you can use these in your favorite hardware or software sampler. Also, for more convenience they are acidized for easy looping inside of your favorite DAW.


The attention to clarity and quality are the biggest highlights of this release. I mean each kit has like 8 or 9 horn stacks. What! That certainly makes for some epic ensembles! My favorite of the bunch is “Football Fanfare”. It literally feels like you are walking through a college football stadium right before kickoff. You can easily loop these up, add some other instrumentation and boom-clap, boom-boom-clap your way to a banger in no time. Once you begin to dig in, you will find lead and backup horns in every folder. The lead establishes the melody and the others add that glorious texture we love when it comes to horns. As always though, you can chop them in any way you like, and get as creative as you wish. I know will go over well with my Maschine, Mpc, and sample-head folks. I got great results using the auto chopping inside of Maschine and even better outputs using the chop to midi feature inside of Ableton.


All in all this is a top notch sound library and I really recommend getting it if you are craving something a little different or if you were looking for something, horn-y? I know, I know. I had to say it at least once though! This is Trumpet Dudes first release, so please support this guy. And be on the lookout for more heat from him in the future! As always, make sure you check out for more reviews, contests, beat-battles, and social networking. Peace.


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