That Sound – Organic Drums Review

That Sound – Organic Drums Review

Organic (Or-gan-ic), by definition is something that is grown or made without the use of artificial chemicals, or filler’s. Nowadays, the internet is packed with tons of drum kits containing “fillers” and other bullshit, giving the buyer a selection of heavily-processed, unnatural samples. Now imagine, while searching for a new buy, you happen to come across an expansive library of drums that are completely “organic”; that’s right folks over 1.5 GB of natural goodies!

Whats up fellow Masters. D-Nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a killer new kit from our friends at That Sound ( Organic, as I mentioned earlier, is a giant collection of samples and loops (claps,snaps stomps, etc.) in their natural state. Using only a Lawson microphone and two preamp’s, these samples were recorded within a variety of environments, with zero effects, giving you, the producer, the ultimate control. But enough with the biography lets check out how “grass fed” these Organic samples are!

First and foremost I have to say I was absolutely floored by the size of this kit. With over 800 individual samples and almost 400 pre made loops this kit is essentially “inspiration in a box”, making it easy to “get the ball rolling”! With hundred’s of drum kits on the market nowadays it’s hard to find a set of unique samples that stand out, while remaining “dry” for the user to dress up. Organic provides the buyer with a collection of 100% “dry” natural recordings, ready to be tweaked to the individuals liking that can then be applied to many genre’s (Hip-Hop, EDM, even rock n roll); talk about versatility!

My favorite part of Organic is hands down the Stomps folder. This amazing folder contains a collection of individual foot stomps recorded in various places. The reason I favorite these sounds is due to there functionality. With a simple eq sweep these stomps can be tuned easily to sound like a huge booming kick or even a tight sounding snare. After tuning to your taste, add effects to your liking and in no time you have a unique sounding sample, certain to slice through any production.

The loops in Organic are “writers block” worst enemy, Yes I said it “writers block” worst enemy! With tons of options these loops are certain to grab inspiration by its throat and throw it right in your face no matter what day of the week it is. A personal favorite of mine is push loop in the Rim Stink Face folder. This particular loop reminds me of the modern bap drums you here on some of Kendrick Lamar songs giving me tons of steam to barrel down that track towards my next hit!

Overall Organic is a must have for producers of all genre’s, ready to design there own drums and although I believe these drums are dope out of the box their true power definitely lies behind the user. For the low price of $55.00 for the entire kit, you purchase over 1.5 GB of natural bliss ready to be tweaked and tuned to your hearts content. With the options to buy either the whole kit or the individual sections you’re interested in, That Sound doesn’t force the buyer to pay for stuff they won’t use making this kit customizable as well. So make sure you head over to today to pick up your copy of Organic, this kit could truly hold the blocks of the foundation for your next hit. Until next time Y’all D-nast signing out!

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