Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review

Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review


            The pharmaceutical world is a very assorted one. We have pills for this, ointments for that, creams for there and syrups for everything else.  It’s no wonder they say it’s more profitable to treat diseases rather than cure them (But that’s a different story for another day). But how do we producers get over the symptoms of unoriginality, lack of presence, that shit sounds basic and I’ve used these sounds before? Our friends at have just the remedy for us. Introducing Synthexium, an extremely well-designed expansion of 500 synths prepared to be locked and loaded into your Maschine Library. Packed inside we will find the likes of guitar, bass, leads, brass and many, many more. Let’s dive in.

Whenever I get an expansion like this the first place I want to go is to the lead section. Once I navigated there on my Maschine, I was instantly dumbfounded. I was shocked to see SO MANY DAMN LEADS!! This section won’t have users hard pressed to find a sound to stand out in their productions. Not only are the sounds completely original and multi-sampled, but there is no “filler” content here. Going through this expansion while writing this review, I constantly found myself with new ideas for every synth and would begin creating. TheMaschineWarehouse also used many of Maschines internal effects to help craft the sounds. You’ll notice with many patches you’ll find the sound dry, and another named appropriately “with FX.” Some of my personal favorite standout sounds in the leads are Bell of Destruction, Drips, and Hollow Inside.

I then moved to the bass portion of this expansion. Here I found much promise to the beat maker. Many different textures of low end no matter what genre you are producing. Many of which have extremely dominant presence around the 40Hz area, confirming that knock! One thing I did find myself doing from time to time was changing the release time on some of the patches. For me I would say it’s a personal preference, but I can see how others would use a long tail on a bass sound to their advantage. Standout sounds here are Earth Shaker 2, Hallow Beast, and Megatronicstic.

The last section in this review I will cover is appropriately the synth section. In here there are nooks and crannies that will fit into any production style. I personally see a lot of these sounds being played as chords and really being the emphasis of a trap style tracks. Also, I could see users using these sounds similar to that of a symphony. Imagine if you will a track like Ciara’s “Like a Boy” with all those crazy string layers played as synths. Many of the sounds in this section have that type of feel. I advise users to take FULL advantage.  Standout sounds here are Background Jitters, Bright Star, and Massive Synth (not to be confused with Massive by NI).

In short, there are many more sections that I could spend the rest of my evening writing about, but where would the fun in that be for you the consumer? Once loaded up you’ll find brass, guitars, organs, pads and strings that you will simply love. One thing I would have loved to have seen was more programming done with the modulation wheel. When we play our synths it’s great to have the modulation wheel controlling something like cutoff. This isn’t something we all can’t go and assign ourselves, but just a small objection. On a scale of 1 to 16 pads (1 being Geno Smith, 16 being Aaron Rodgers) Synthexium checks in at a rock solid 14 pads. I highly suggest you pick this up today.

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3 thoughts on “Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review

  1. gcurtis says:

    Good looking on nthe review. Its def an expansion that im going to load into my arsenal. I love the sounds that come in my maschine packs. Very good stuff to get my me in my zone.

  2. gcurtis says:

    I just purchased the synthexium kit, downloading the product was fine, I can hear all the sounds when im browsing in prehear mode. But when I load a sound from that kit I get no sound. Any help? none of my other kits or sounds do that. But the synthexium kit does. I cant even use it cause I can ony pre hear it. Don’t wanna feel like I just got burnt.

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