Sample Replay Society – Life On Mars Review

Sample Replay Society – Life On Mars Review

Whats up World! D-Nast here, with a super dope sample kit from our good friend G Koop. For those living under a rock, G Koop is a Grammy nominated producer who has produced for heavy hitters such as Drake, Nelly, Twista and many more, as well as the CEO of Sample Replay Society!

Today, I will be reviewing the Life On Mars Sample kit, available exclusively at This Collection of loops are a recreation of the tracks used to make David Bowie’s hit single “Life on Mars” performed by the god sent collaboration of G Koop and !llmind. But enough with details, lets dust off the samplers and see what the homie G Koop has for us this time round.

As Most know, David Bowie is known for his catchy, Glam rock Melody’s, that launch the listener into a space like euphoria, creating memories with millions of fans.“Life On Mars” is a particular song from him that posses every element for a hit. A catchy piano, beautiful strings, a lovely bass line, and of course Mr. Bowie’s unique voice range set this song ablaze, a perfect choice for sampling. Once I got this sample pack loaded up, I was blown away! Each track in this kit is PERFECTLY re-created. These loops sound like the actual recordings used in David Bowie’s original session, they are that amazing!

When first reading about this Sample replay, I noted the G Koop himself laid the remake of the vocals which instantly peaked my interest. David bowie is known to have a wide range in his vocals, and to re-create them successfully definitely takes some talent, well Mr. Koop let me say you NAILED it, but don’t sleep, the rest of this kit is super dope as well! When most producers sample they don’t have a the luxury of being able to single out instruments or vocals without investing a ton of work and time. Not only has G Koop provided a short cut for us fellow producers, he has also provided us with a royalty free remake so there is no conflict when it comes to sample clearance. Hats off to Sample Replay Society!

In Conclusion, This kit is a must have for any vinyl junkie/sample freak. With each instrument separately recorded, as well as perfectly replayed this an amazing piece of work! For the low price of $25.00 this kit is a major steal, especially when considering the time it would take to recreate a song as perfectly as G Koop and Sample Replay Society. So make sure you pick up your copy of “Life On Mars” this is one collection that should not be slept on!

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