Salute to Sample Pack Saturday

Salute to Sample Pack Saturday

What’s up my MM family, it’s your homie E52 hear to ask you… How lucky are we to be blessed with Sample Pack Saturday??!! Billy Blass has been giving us a constant supply of HEAT for the past 2 years; and if you’ve been downloading the sample packs, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re new to the sample game Billy Blass has blessed you with a wealth of knowledge by providing you with some seasoned samples that have been staples in our culture from the very beginning. One of my favorite packs was #28. Blass gave us some of the illest samples to ever be sampled in Hip Hop. Another favorite pack was #52 because my favorite drums of all time to chop was in that pack.

As e-digging becomes more commonplace than actual digging, I truly appreciate Blass for providing us with great quality samples. Keep up the great work Sir and may you continue to keep giving us these gems. Thank you!!

Until next time, this is the Maschine Gang General E52 saying Salute to Sample Pack Saturday and Mr. Billy Blass!!! Drop a comment to show your appreciation for the Sample Pack Saturday…. Peace

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  1. Bunker Beats says:

    Salute to Billy Blass for supplying dope samples for 2 years straight, big up sir. Don’t forget he provides a personal crate digging service if your looking for some specific sounds. Available through the MM website.

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