MSXII AUDIO Soulful Stems Vol2

What up MM. I’m back to bring you the latest addition from MSX Audio, Soulful Stems 2. I’m sure a lot of you will recognize its predecessor, Soulful Stems, which was an amazing kit in its own right. Personally, I am a big fan of live instrumentation, especially Piano, Organ, Guitar, Strings, and Rhode. So when presented with the opportunity to review this second installment of Soulful Stems, I jumped at the chance. Anyway, let’s get to business.


As you would expect, Soulful Stems 2 is full of groovy and soulful samples. This kit is fully laced with Live Drums, Analog Synthesizers, Pianos, Organs, Fender Rhodes, Guitars, Bass, Horns and more. Everything has been recorded via a vintage analog signal path and all of the compositions have been mixed to deliver a warm, authentic presence and classic sounc. Plus, this is pack is entirely royalty free, so you won’t have to worry about Sampling Rights, or even Master clearance like in other libraries of this kind.


Soulful Stems 2 is a large 1.7GB library presented in 16bit/44K .wav files and REX format. Every sample or STEM is compatible with any DAW & samplers that accept .wav files. This includes Protools, Maschine, Akai MPC series, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops etc. MSX clearly worked extra hard on this one, recording 18 original compositions emulating sounds from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and executing them well at that. As for the organization, Soulful Stems Vol2 is separated into 3 folders; Compositions, Stems and REX. In the main compositions folder you will find the 18 compositions ready to listen to and chop up. For more control over mix, arrangement, etc, you can easily delve into the stems folder for access to the individual instrument takes. If your DAW supports REX files, those are included as well, and have chops already in place.


So, how do they sound! Well, as I previously stated, MSX Audio clearly put in some work on this one and the result is a fantastic sounding library. All the samples sound so clean and pure. Literally, if I closed my eyes, I actually feel like I’m in a room with a live band. I really love the Piano, Organ and Rhodes. They give such a deep, clear texture. These guys have really delivered a great sounding library and one that beats its predecessor, in my honest opinion. Plus, we get 3 more compositions in this volume than in the first, which is great! You can really have a blast chopping up the samples and a few hours of your life could pass you by relatively easily.


Soulful Stems 2 is a very dope library and priced very reasonably at $44.99 when you consider it’s entirely royalty free kit and includes stems. The flexibility of being able to chop an entire composition, use a single stem from one of the 18 compositions, or chop those, or mix and match them and chop that up… It’s really endless fun with plenty of room for creativity! You can grab a copy of Soulful Stems 2 from our good friends over at DrumBroker or directly from the MSX Audio site. Until next time, catch me on twitter at @UKAntSmith.




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