MSXII Audio MPC Drums Vol 3 Review

Salute Maschine Masters! It’s Daysun Civil with another review. Our good friends over at MSXII Audio are back at it.  On the menu today for you drum lovers, boombap producers and music aficionados is the 3rd installment in the MSXII MPC Drums series: MSXII MPC Drums vol. 3. However, with the good comes the bad as MSXII have declared that this is the final installment of their MPC drums series. This is a great collection and one I always keep an eye out for. There’s no time to waste. Let’s dive in.

Anyone who had the chance of using an MPC knows the quality of sound it produces and what can be done with it. The way many MPCs process samples is amazing! I am sure MSXII Audio realizes this and that is why they have offered us sounds right out of the MPC 2000xl. Whew! The sounds are rugged and take me back to a time of songs with gritty drums. I know you guys will like this release.

First, the MPC Drums vol. 3 is comprised of 56 samples. They are just put out there for you to pick and choose for your musical productions. As usual, there are cymbal crashes, hi-hats, sticks, snares, kicks, drum loops, conga drums, filtered drums, toms and many more. You think of it, they’ve got it. Let me say! MSXII MPC Drums vol. 3 is a small collection but it packs a big punch. You won’t be disappointed. All samples are in 16bit.wav format, all taken directly from floppy disk used in the Classic Akai MPC. Yes, floppy disk, that’s how they did it back then!

What I like about this kit is the way the drums are processed. The drums are rugged, gritty, dope and punchy. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what kind of production you’re making, you can use everything in this kit. It has great flexibility. I mean the hi-hats and the kicks are overloaded with quality. It’s the same for everything in this kit. MSXII does not disappoint. How many times can I say it?

Having said that, there is 1 tiny detail I would change. Sample File Name. MPC Drums Vol. 3 is delivered in 1 folder, which actually isn’t too bad, considering there are only 56 samples. It’s manageable. However a few file names are more difficult to distinguish than others. This doesn’t help when quickly looking for a sound as it’s hard to identify the sample with the file name numerically, while the others are actually named (especially when using sounds from other kits). However once you have tagged your drums, this isn’t a big issue since only a small handful of samples have this problem. I really like this kit and this is just one tiny detail in the big scheme of things. The drums still sound bangin’ and it brings back that old, vintage feel to production.

If you want a boombap kit, than this is for you. MSXII Audio always produces quality products. This kit is no different. So if you want to make beats with a bang, this is the kit to get: the MSXII MPC Drums vol. 3. Head over to DrumBroker and purchase this kit for $24.99. This is the final MPC drums installment from MSXII. All 3 volumes of the MPC drum series can also be grabbed at a discounted price of $44.99. So do yourself a favor, and grab em up!


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