Mr.Kooman Strawberry Pancakes Kit Review

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pancakes? This delicious breakfast food is extremely popular everywhere in the world, with its light and fluffy delectable flavor, can it get much better? Now I know most of you guys/gals are sitting at home saying, “what could be better than pancakes”? And my answer to that would be, “ umm…… FREE PANCAKES”!


What’s up world! D-Nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a stupid dope kit that costs a whopping $Free.99! The Strawberry Pancakes Drum Kit is an insanely huge collection of 780 drum samples from our friend Mr. Kooman. Including 100 kicks, 215 snares/claps, 185 hats/crashes, 95 percussion loops, 100 efx, and last but not least, 85 vocal cuts, this is nothing to sleep on. While most drum kits available in the market today contain half the samples for $20.00 or more, Mr. Kooman has blessed us with tons of quality drums for no price at all! But enough with the memoir, time to fire up the sampler and see what kind of gems this kit holds.


As always, I started this review by checking out the kicks to find a a solid foundation to build the rest of my beat upon, and let me tell you, we’ve got some options! One particular sample that really jumped out to me was kick 14. This kick instantly got me finger drumming out the break from the Honey Drippers’ “impeach the president”. It sounds almost exactly alike! The other part that really took me by surprise was the amount of variety. With everything from acoustic boom bap to heavy sub kicks, this collection is almost guaranteed to work its way into your go-to folder quickly.


After browsing through the rest of the kit, I would have to say the vocal cuts are my favorite  samples in Strawberry Pancakes. With a variety of sampled one hits, beat box loops and movie cuts, this folder has so much potential; I am starting to question if Mr. Kooman might have lost his mind (hah I’m just kidding Mr. Kooman; you’re basically a god for releasing this kit). One of my personal favorite samples in this folder is titled SPV4. This beat box loop reminds me of a classic boom bap break, and after chopping it up a little in Maschine, I was extremely pleased with the element of “natural” sound it added to my productions.


In conclusion, after listening to the remainder of the samples included, I proclaim Strawberry Pancakes one of the most valuable kits available today! Regardless of what genre of music you create, this kit offers something to boost your library, and its 100% FREE! With hundreds of producers dropping drum kits left and right (sometimes with hefty price tags), it’s amazing that someone is dope enough to bless us with a huge freebie like this. So make sure you head over to Mr. Kooman‘s twitter page today ( ), hit him with a follow, and click the link for this killer kit. Until next time everyone, D- Nast over-and-out.

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