Maschine Masters Beat Battle September Winner

Saadyah Tzvi was born in Detroit Michigan, and grew up there until he was 14, and moved to his mothers hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting off learning how to spin records on his older brothers turntables in the late nineties, Saadyah then went on to produce beats on FruityLoops version 2.5 in 2000. Writing raps and recording onto his own beats Saadyah was merely 11 years old. Soon after, he bought a bass guitar and started to teach himself the instrument. Within the two years following that he acquired an electric guitar and then eventually an acoustic guitar. Once Saadyah moved to New Orleans he quickly found other musicians that would be his fellow bandmates for the next four years.

In 2007 Saadyah moved to his fathers hometown of Milwaukee Wisconsin, and started focusing more on his spirituality, connection to God, and rehashed his love for Hip Hop. First with an Akai MPK 61 and eventually the Maschine MK1, Saadyah poured out an immense amount of material within a three year period. Saadyah now resides in Rehovot Israel, a city right outside of Tel Aviv. Having recently purchased the Maschine MK2 Saadyah is back on his grind, releasing new tracks almost daily. Saadyah is currently working on many projects produced by other beat makers featuring his raps and singing. Saadyah is also starting a record label so stay tuned for news and updates to come!

Download all 18 albums Saadyah has released here:
one God love peace ✡ ✌


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