Getting into a Producer Zone

Getting into a Producer Zone

Whats up people? AG back with another post for the MM community and beyond. A lot of times when you hear the word ZONE we automatically associate it with sports. First thing that pops in my mind is MJ dropping 69 vs Cleveland or even Kobe scoring 81 vs Toronto. Some Star Wars heads may call it the FORCE. Whatever we choose to call it, it’s rarely associated with music production. I’m here to say that it does exist in the production world.

The ZONE is when we as producers have no idea what we are doing but things are just clicking. You find yourself blacking out and when you come to, you have the most incredible banger you’ve ever made! You have no recollection of the drum pattern you laid down. The instruments you selected took little to no effort. The effects you chose complemented the track flawlessly. This is when we are at our best.

I have found that this happens when we tap into our inner producer. When our mind is clear and we are fully connected to our creative sense. These moments are super special and extremely rare. Think about it, professional basketball players compete in 82 games in the regular season and the great ones may experience this in a handful of them.

I feel like the beats that come out of these experiences are those that should be shared with as many people as possible. These are our contributions to the world. Production that is created from inside to inspire others. Just think of the best beat from one of your favorite producers, it was probably made when they were in the ZONE.

In closing, have you ever been able to get into a producer zone? If so, drop a comment and maybe share a link to the beat. We would love to hear it! Thanks for reading and until next time, Peace.

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