Finding Hidden Gems on your Hard Drive

Finding Hidden Gems on your Hard Drive

What up MM? Today I want to briefly discuss unfinished beats. Do you find your own hidden gems you had forgotten about? You know, those beats that you have quickly put together, put aside and never came back to? Do they turn dope?

I have found myself making beats and not finishing them. This is one of my problems. I do try and finish a beat, but if a moment of inspiration appears from another sample, I do tend to jump on that and never look back. This is bad practice. I should completely finish the beat and then move on, but sometimes I can’t help myself. The reason I say its bad practice is because there is an element of risk that I will never go back to it and it will become another dusty beat in my library.

I must admit, sometimes I’m not completely satisfied with the output. If it’s not happening, well, its just not happening, so I move on. I never delete any work I have created because you never know who might listen to it and there’s the possibility they may actually like it. Even if I think its WACK, an artist may hear it, think its dope and wanna buy it. You just never know. I would advise any producer not to delete their work. What you feel today may not be the same as what you’re feeling in 6 months time or even a year’s time. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR WORK.

This has happened to me. One of my friends came over and was searching through my beats. Alone and behold, he came across this one beat and thought it was dope. I completely forgot about this. It was a beat that I made when I was just messing around in Maschine. It was an unfinished gem that I didn’t realize I had in my locker.

So MM, I wanna hear about beats that you have come back to at a later date and made into a banger. Or if you have sold a beat that you had forgotten, thought it was WACK, but an artist thought differently. We have all experienced this at some point on our musical journey. So MM fam, please leave a comment below and let us know about your hidden gems.


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