Cardiak Hunger for More: The Drum Kit

Hey Hey Maschine Masters, its Daysun Civil and I have to say this… The drum kit game is getting crazy! Dig this; Producers and sound designers are always giving us either hard hitting and dynamically processed snares, kicks, and crisp hats or they’re giving us plain filtered “Oscar the Grouch” trash. In most cases, these producer kits are the same repetitive over or under processed drums we’ve heard about a million times. However, sometimes you will get something new, mind-blowing and different. Hey, You Guys! We Want Quality! With that said, let’s find out if Cardiak provides the quality we demand in his latest kit Hunger for More: The Drum Kit?


First off, if you have liked, loved and/or listened to Lloyd BanksHunger for More 2 album and the V6: The Gift Mixtape then you know what to expect from this selection. Cardiak’s Hunger for More: The Drum Kit offers producers a total of 44 sounds within two folders. The first folder is entitled “Sessions” and is comprised of six folders. Provided is a total of 24 snippets of drum stems accompanied with the instrumentals to some of Cardiak’s most ground breaking work. Songs like “Start It Up”, “Take’ Em to War” and “Show and Prove” provides a glimpse into Cardiak’s drum programming prowess. Everything is laid out for you to excavate, chop and create. Oh! Please don’t emulate the brother too much. Be creative!


The second folder of Hunger for More: The Drum Kit is entitled “Custom Drums” and contains 20 one-shot drum samples of specialized kicks and snares. Producers, you and I know Cardiak provides quality. His tracks have great drums with grit and originality. You know a Cardiak track by his signature Flatline beat tag and the way his drums always knock. As with most of his work, this kit gives you kicks that punch and snares that crack, all with a great balance of sprinkled effects such as glass clinks, sticks and other blended sounds in the snares. The drums are very full and definitely not thin. There are even some Hi Hat stems and such that you can chop up, rearrange, trigger, or whatever you else you like.


Hunger for More: The Drum Kit is a small kit with only 44 sounds. But in hindsight, you have to understand the jewels you’re getting. We are provided with snippets of the drum kit stems and the instrumental of the song. I would have loved to see more in terms of synths, keys and guitars, but maybe next time(hint hint Cardiak!). Anyway, make sure to check out his other sample kits that provide a little more than drums.


So to wrap it up, ask yourself; Do you want drums that cut through the mix? Do you need drums that do not sound like the same old reprocessed boombap drums? Do you want the character, presence and flare Cardiak has created in his work? Then get some of the best drums in the game. Get the sounds of a producer with the uncanny knack to craft tracks Boombap and Trap both will lovers enjoy.  Head over to The Drum Broker and purchase this kit for $24.99.


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