Verysick Bass Sound Library Review

Verysick Bass Sound Library Review

What up MM, Ant Smith back with another product review and today I want to discuss JFILT’s Very Sick Bass Sound Library. We all know that the bass of a track greatly influences the groove and no track is ever complete without a bassline. I feel this is one of my weakest areas and I’m always happy to see a dedicated bass sound library.

Verysick Bass Sound Library is packed with 50 one shots, which include single notes, chords, octaves and slides. Verysick also delivers 50 original bass loops ranging from 80-96bpm. All the sounds have been recorded live from a Vintage 80’s Yamaha 4 string bass. To add an extra bit of warmth all the sounds have been processed through the Classic MPC2000xl. All the sounds are compatible in Maschine and come in 16-bit/44 WAV format.

I can’t fault the library organization, as it is clearly labeled and really easy to upload, which means I can pretty much get straight to business. I first heard the bass slides and I loved them, they sound clean and crisp with that funky edge. This also applies to the thumb slaps. They deliver a real punchy, crisp sound. The sound actually resembles a live instrument. When playing around with the single notes, I found they had great flexibility. I could create a bassline for a melodic chilled out beat, by using the chords, or I could make a hard, dark and heavy beat, by using the thumb slaps and single notes.

Now for the bass loops. All the folders are clearly labeled with the BPM, which makes it easier to locate a specific loop. The sound quality of the loops are very clean. Some bass packs I have seen use the same loop, but speed it up and put it in another folder. This library doesn’t do that. You actually get 50 loops that can be used for a wide range of genres.

As an added bonus, the library includes 25 synth bass loops. These are ok, but the sounds are unique and I would struggle to fit them into my style. They would need the perfect beat to fit in. Having said this, our styles are different and this may suit you more than they do me. They are funky, clean and crisp just like the rest of the library, but personally I would have preferred more live, unsynthed bass notes or loops.

All in all the Verysick Bass Sound Library is a decent addition and would be beneficial for any producer who struggles with basslines. You can grab a copy of Verysick Bass Sound Library for $14.99, which isn’t a bad price for what you get.

Until next time you can catch me at @UKAntSmith.


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