Timmy Rickard Presents – ‘Bap to the Future’ Review

Timmy Rickard Presents – ‘Bap to the Future’ Review

Yes yes people, its Woods here with another review. This time I’m going to be taking a look at “Timmy Rickard Presents – Bap to the Future” available from The Drum Broker. This kit is made up of 22 royalty free, live played drum breaks, recorded into 3 microphones (1 mic per break) with tempos ranging from 75 Bpm – 100 Bpm. All the breaks come in 16Bit/44.1KHZ Wav. format so they can be dragged and dropped or imported into your DAW/beat making machine of choice. The breaks all range from roughly 30 seconds to a 1:30 seconds, giving you plenty of selection to either loop or go through and chop out specific sounds to create your own breaks.

They all have had a bit of real analog processing added to them to give them a little polish. For all the gear heads reading this, here is a list of the equipment used to make “Bap to the Future”.

Gretsch 20×14 kick
Gretsch 18×14 kick
Premier 28×14 kick
Gretsch 12×8,13×9,14×14, 16×16 toms
Ludwig Acrolite snare 14×5
Ludwig pioneer snare 14×5
Gretsch renown maple 14×5.5, 14×6.5 snares

Coles 4038
Beyer M160
STC ball and biscuit microphones (only one mic on each break)
API preamp
BAE 10DC compressor
Cartec Audio EQP-1A
Moogerfooger delay
Moogerfooger murf
Vermona spring reverb
Smokey amp (reamping)

So how do they sound? Well, after having my first listen I noticed that everything has been recorded very cleanly and has already been nicely compressed and equalized for minimal fuss. The kicks sound nice and punchy in the upper bass range. You can actually hear the beater on the kicks skins which will help them cut through your mix. There is not a lot of sub boom from these kicks, but with live drum breaks you would probably consider layering some bass or an 808 under them anyway (if that’s what you like). A few of the kicks have had some distortion added to them which is ideal if you like that big beat feel.

The snares sound really clean with a lot of snap to them and many of them have that trash can “tinny” sound that makes them good for use in funky upbeat style music(in my opinion). The hats vary from loop to loop giving you quite a large selection to chop up and create your own hat loops. I even heard a loop which sounded like it was played from the toms and snare-rim rather than the kick and snare, just adding a little more variety to the pack. The amount of effects varies from loop to loop with some having a touch of reverb and others a bit of delay resulting in a nice big sound overall.

I also noticed some nice double hits and rolls in some of the loops which helps the pack get a little bit closer to satisfying the avid break diggers thirst for original full sounding break loops. Like I stated earlier, all of these loops are well recorded and clean, yet they still have that “sampled from vinyl” feel without sounding too degraded. There are no audible pops and clicks to worry about and nowadays it only takes a few mouse clicks to add your own vinyl crackle or distortion if you do want more “grit” on your drums.

Overall, this kit is definitely useful if you’re looking for some “instant access” breaks for your productions. The price on this one is just $14.99, which is a pretty good value if you don’t really fancy digging around getting dusty fingers looking for vinyl. So if you want them easy to find “vinyl feel” drums, then this kit is definitely for you!

Until next time people, this Woods signing off. Peace.

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