The Pro Audio Files Presents: Mixing Rap Vocals 2 Review

Mixing Rap Vocals

Whats good MM world. Its 4AR with a very informative review on everything a producer should know down the line. The Pro Audio Files Presents: Mixing Rap Vocals 2. Supreme mixer Matt Weiss reveals in great detail about real life studio situations in 2014. With the previous course “Mixing Rap Vocals Part 1” which more so concentrated on the tools and purposes of each plugin as a foundation. Mixing Rap Vocals 2 gives less practical and more situational examples of a mixer not receiving perfectly recorded vocals and becoming creative to get the best results for the client.

MRV2 is packaged with 10 videos covering exciters, choruses, unison doubles, multi-band compression, swagger out signature ad-libs, and 3 totally different vocalist in texture; Murs, Snoop, and Juicy J. In the reality show of making music, our recording environments aren’t like the movies. Its grimy in a open room, in the basement, bedroom, basically not perfect. Matt Weiss opens our minds that we will be able to apply these techniques whenever the locale shows up. I’ve found that every new thing he shows within the pro tools session, another light bulb illuminates in my head!

A couple of standout workshop videos that really hit me with the “Holy Sh*T” were the Multi-band Compression & Juciy J session. First with the MBC vid Matt is working with the Snoop and shows how to make Snoop Dogg sound “Snoop’ier”. LOL How he explains it when you have an artist with a distinguished characteristic, you can subtley bring out the best element of their voice. Just like Jadakiss’ raspy delivery, with the use of a multi-band compressor, as the mixer you can become “a creative” and supply new texture to stand out within the track. Now with the Juciy J workshop, Matt receives the vocals that were recorded in a cell phone! WHAT THE F**K?!%$?! But cool under pressure, he follows through and is basically given a clean canvas with an artistic approach to mixing. With the damage control of a poorly recorded vocal, the overall track ends up being a great song sonically. Mind blowing info!

In conclusion, MRV2 gets into the hard gritty work of being a supreme mixer. Its time to roll up the sleeves and get to the elbow grease of achieving a perfect mix. Listed at the price of $47 for 140 minutes of Matt dropping gems left and right, doesn’t get any better than this! Also you can purchase this as a bundle which includes Mixing Rap Vocals part 1&2, Mixing Hip Hop Beats and nominated 2014 Machine Masters Top 10 Drum Kit: The Maio Collection for $97.


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  1. Bunker Beats says:

    I have a few of The Pro Audio Files tutorials with Matt Weiss and I think they are all brilliant. Easy to understand and explained in simple terms. Also check out The Pro Audio Files on YouTube for loads more free tutorials.

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