What up MM, Ant Smith back with another product review and today I am proud to bring you our first review from THATSOUND, a whopping 1GB drum library called “Future Drums”. ThatSound is a relatively new kid on the block in the sound design arena and as soon as I heard about them, I went to check out their website. While the company is relatively new and small, the website has a very professional etiquette, which is very easy to navigate. ThatSound tailor makes each library, to give the producer that cutting edge. A brief history lesson can also be discovered, to help understand the philosophy behind the company. Initially Dustin Burnett started designing a few of his own samples, which had great effect. A little later Paul Madbury, Ben Phillips and Dustin decided to take it to the next level, to deliver THATSOUND every producer is looking for.


ThatSound prides itself on delivering an organized sound library and this became clearly visible the moment I started to upload the library into Maschine. Future Drums is carefully segmented into folders and for the first time I have seen multiple folders for different sounding Kicks and Snares, aggressive, future, tight, wide and many more. Further to this, each sound sample has been carefully labeled, to further help identify the exact sound. As my drum library is very organized, I really appreciated the extra time spent labeling the samples.


The one and only criticism I have is with the Z loop folder. This is a massive folder with over 240 different loops, all with fantastic sound quality, but I found it to be unorganized. Maybe this is because I’m a really fussy producer, but unlike the other folders, the hats, drum breaks, claps where all mixed up. I would have liked the loops to be organized into separate folders, to help ease the painful process of banking the sounds individually. That being said, the sounds are in fact named with their tempo at the front of each file, so if you view the files sorted alphabetically, there is some method to the mayhem.


Now for the best part. This kit delivers 40 Claps, 25 Crash’s, 55 Hats, 107 Kicks, 56 808’s, 81 Snares, 27 Toms and more. This is a very slick collection of one-shot samples, which can propel any producer’s work. All the sounds are very pure and clean.  Each sound was recorded through a fat API and NEVE preamps with all the levels cranked to deliver maximum color to your track. I really like the 808 kicks, They install the right amount of bass, but also remain thick. The kicks are really punchy, clean and all deliver that a crushing THUD. The Snares are also clean, tight and very snappy. I was very impressed with the Hard and Tight Snares. They are so SHARP, Tony Montana would be honored to use them.Future drums really provide the user with a huge Arsenal full of HQ samples!


MM Stay tuned to THATSOUND, as we are expecting the immanent release of this fantastic library, Future Drums. The pricing on this kit is similar to Organic, so you can purchase the entire kit for $45 dollars, or choose options that include just the sounds you want for as low as $15 dollars. I think providing buyers with those kind of options is great, and will give those that may be tight on funds to still get in on the fun! Also, if you subscribe today you can also get your hands on a little free sample pack. I am very eager to see what the future holds, as Future Drums will leave any producer thinking “I Want That Sound”!!


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