Real Instruments versus VST Instruments

Real Instruments versus VST Instruments

Wassup to the MM community and beyond. It’s your man JFilt once again needing to get some things off my chest. So the other day I get an email from a forum (which will remain nameless) discussing real instruments and VST’s. There was a certain mentality that sadly caught my attention. I couldn’t believe when I read that there are those who feel playing real instruments is superior to those who only use virtual instruments or software plugins. The idea is that it takes more skill and work ethic to play the real thing. Well, I couldn’t disagree more!

Coming from someone who does both, I feel that you can’t put one over the other. No matter what a producer uses to make beats, it still takes creativity. For me personally, it’s all about the sounds. Depending on how I feel, maybe a crazy plugin synth is needed. Then again, maybe I want to play some real hi-hats because of a certain feel that i can’t get from any other way.

It amazes me that some people can hate on guys who really can’t play real instruments and so they assume that they can’t produce dope sounding music. Are you kidding me? There is so much sample free music made by non-musicians that will blow your mind that I won’t even begin to name. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not referring to tinker bell beats made in under 3 minutes…LOL How serious one takes his or her craft has nothing to do with the type of instrument they use. It still takes skill to use VST’s as well as live instruments. Just be creative and like I always say just do you and have fun! Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Peace!

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