Propellerheads Reason 8 “The Flow of work” Review

Propellerheads Reason 8 “The Flow of work”

What’s up Machine Masters family? 88 Kezz here to bring you another quick review, this time on Propellerheads Reason 8 update. The flow of work not workflow is what this edition of one of the best DAW’s on the market boasts, and in this reviewers opinion lives up to its word. It has a brand new browser that is as fluid as your creativity and beyond. At first glance, the brand new and in your face sequencer catches the eye with all you need at a touch, click or if you desire drag and drop.

Further assessment leads to the complexed yet simple browser section which is clearly the star of this update. They defiantly listened to what the users of their product were asking for. Faster browsing, ease of use that flows with our creativity and Reason 8 delivers just that and more. All the favorites are still on board the SSL styled mixer one of my personal fav’s, in the rack Thor the synthesis giant, NN-XT and NN-19 samplers Dr Octo Rex, Kong and Redrum. The same go’s for all effects and utilities Neptune, Pulveriser Scream etc., they are all here but with two new additions by the gang at Soft tube, guitar and bass amp devices with a slew of presets which will eventually replace the line 6 amp and speakers selections which I was unable to test due to beta limitations, but knowing Propellerhead they will be welcomed by the masses.

There are no major instruments or major effects upgrades like Reason 7 gave us. All in all this update is clearly about the flow of work or if you must “work flow” I’ve used Reason since version 5 and find this new update to be a welcome change to an old friend. Set for a September 30th release with a price of $449 full version and $129 to upgrade from earlier versions. Available for windows 7 or later, MAC OSX 10.7 or later. Check reason FAQ Page. Musicians and producers around the world are waiting with great anticipation, myself included.

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