No Passion No Success

No Passion No Success

What’s up MM! AG back again to touch on something that is necessary in our quest to make it. This journey that we’re on to become a successful music producer can be a long dark road. Sometimes we question why we’re even doing this in the first place. We all have different reasons, some may want the money, some chase fame, some of us just want to have our music touch the world. But most, if not all of us will never reach that without PASSION.

Passion is that driving force that keeps us going when we’re just about to call it quits. Its that reserve tank of NOS we need to get us to the finish line! I’ve been there several times and if you have been producing for any amount of years I’m sure you have too. This doesn’t just apply to music production, it goes for anything we do. Sound Design, Engineering, Management, Business, Sports or life in general.. love what you’re doing.

Be passionate about your craft. If you’re not, you might as well throw in the towel now. The successful producers pushed through the adversity and made it because of this. The GREAT producers still possess passion and continue to excel even after they make it. Say what you want about Kanye but he’s passionate about his shit!

In closing, do things you genuinely love and you’re almost guaranteed to achieve some level of success. What are you most passionate about? Leave a comment below. Until next time, peace.

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