MSXII Sammich Kit 4 Review

MSXII Sammich Kit 4 Review

What’s up everyone? This is Daysun Civil with another review for Maschine Masters. This time, I was given the opportunity to review the Sammich Kit 4 from our friends MSXII Audio. Just let me say, if you know anything about this series, efforts are made to produce quality sounding products for producers. So the questions remains, is this a peanut butter and jelly or a Hero Sammich of a kit? Ultimately, you have to be the judge but I will provide some insight.

This kit has a total of 50 drum sounds. Of these sounds, there are 13 snares, 11 percussive, 7 Kick and 19 bleep sounds. Each sound is well processed and possess a gritty but clean texture. There is a mixture of trap, soul and boombap types of drum sounds to make songs of your choosing. As usual, the drum and percussive sound provide a clean backdrop to assist in your music production endeavors.

I will recommend a few of my favorites for making tracks. The SanokeKik, Toms 1 and 2, abruptslap, backyardsnare, pingsnare and propsnare are standouts. Listen, don’t think the others sounds are not up to par because I only listed a few. These are my favorites. Overall, the samples within the Sammich Kit 4 have quality, grit and presence. They will truly stick through in the mix.

With the 4th installment of the Sammich Kit series, we are introduced to the Bleep sounds. Automatically, I recognize that some of these sounds are akin to the release of the new Bleep Drum Machine created by MSXII Sound Design. The Bleep Drum Sounds of the Sammich Kit 4 have a Lo-Fi sound with an 8 to 12 bit texture. Let me assure you, the designers at MSXII Audio make every effort to provide original, concise and fresh products.

While not overly impressed, I will say this kit is a welcomed addition to the Sammich Kit Series. There are definitely some sounds that can be used to add spice to your tracks. MSXII makes an effort to supply fans with quality sounds. Moreover, as a producer, I am intrigued when companies attempts to provide something original, different and refreshing for its customers. With that said, you can save 10% when you use our coupon code MM2014.

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