Mode Audio Power Tools Review

Mode Audio Power Tools Review

Whats up world, D-Nast here with my 2 cents on a dope new kit from our good friends over at Mode Audio ( Power Tools is a massive collection of thumping drum samples that are intended for all producers to use. Whether you’re a Grammy winning super producer or a freshman bedroom producer, finding a collection of hard hitting drums is like Pookie finding a his lost stash of crack, yes they are that addicting! Power Tools is available in many versions including, Logic, Reason, Maschine, Fl Studio, and the classic WAV. Version. Today I will be reviewing the Maschine version, but enough with the chit chat lets hop into the Power Tools collection right now!

Once opening Power tools as always, I started to browse the kicks folder to look for that pounding boom to build a foundation upon. With over 150 options in four category (crunch, long, short, and tuned) each one of these kicks are super loud and perfectly tuned for that “out of the box” fun. When people typically think of power tools, they envision loud obnoxious tools that seem loud enough to wake the dead. Mode Audio has hit the head on the nail with the title “Power Tools”, The samples are loud and certain to make any mix pop into the next century.

The other portion of Power Tools that really made an impression was the selection of snares. With 1000’s of drums available via the internet nowadays, Mode Audio has done a great job by offering a new blend of Loud, Slapping in your face drums, and these snares are no exception. With over 50 options to chose from in two categories (power, and crunch) each snare is mixed to perfection, cutting through tracks like a brand new Circular Saw.

In conclusion Power Tools a EDM producer must have. This kit also includes a great selection of hi hats, precession and clap samples making this kit a complete Collection of dope drums. With over 330 samples in total plus 5 channel strips (for logic user’s) for the low price of 19.52 this kit is an amazing deal as well. So make sure you head over to today and pick up your copy of Power Tools, this is one of the most valuable kits for EDM on the market.

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