!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT – Vox Chops (With Vocals by Father Dude) Review

!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT – Vox Chops (With Vocals by Father Dude) Review

Whaddup! Daysun Civil’s here with another Maschine Masters review. This time around, “!llmind” has dropped another Blap Kit on us. This one focuses on vocal chops but the vibe is a bit different from his grunt series. This kit has that radio feel to it and is entitled: “!llmind” Special Edition BLAP KIT – Vox Chops (With Vocals by Father Dude). Well, let me get to the basics.

First off, this Blap Kit has 272 sounds. 241 Vox Sounds are in the main folder, 3 wav stems in a folder labeled Vox Chops Demo Song STEMS and 28 (one shot) Vox Chops are in a folder of BONUS EXTRAS. I happen to like those the most. The Vox Chops vary in keys (A, B, D, C, & G). In addition, they are presented as a dry version with four different versions containing different effects.

They are formatted as follows:


The vocalist, Father Dude, has an airy quality to his voice. When I hear him, I think of August Alsina, Trey Songs or Adrian Marcel. This is what gives the Vox Chops its radio friendly texture. I happen to think the chops are perfect for those who are making “Trap”, “Trap-n-B”, “Rhythm & Blues” or want to have an emotional hip-hop song. Pretty much, this Blap-Kit is for urban music production.

The bonus folder filled with one shots is a go-to because you can quickly use these sounds to add that extra something to your tracks. !llmind has no problem providing that for producers. Of those sounds CAT, ECK, GOAT, HEMP, HUACK and OOOH are a few of my choice picks. There are many more. As usual, the sound quality of each Vox is spectacular. !llmind knows what he is doing.

Let me say this, these are chops. “!llmind” and Father Dude did not make straight up vocal loop lines or top-lines. They’ve merely made vocal riffs/loops that can be further chopped to add accents or spice to your tracks. This is perfect for empty tracks or if you need that added boost to get more creative.

Here are some of my favorites:


I know you are wondering… Is this a kit I would recommend to traditional fans of the Blap-Kit series? That is a hard question to answer. This is not a traditional kit. This is an advancement and I can see that “!llmind” is definitely experimenting and growing his sound. With that said, you should get it to challenge yourself. Go to blapkits.com and purchase this kit for $30.00. You will love it.


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