“WARNING…..This product is highly addictive. May cause endless hours of drum machine and/or DAW usage, more chopping than Sonny Chiba, loss of appetite and/or sleep, loss of job, etc.. Please use with caution.”

Yes,Yes y’all… it’s VolcanoBeats back in here with another exclusive just for my Maschine Masters Fam. All broken down and lined up, today we have a sneak peek of the highly acclaimed, extremely potent and effectively titled “Cocaine Synths Vol2 (The Re-Up)” dealt to us straight from !llmind himself! I mean who likes middlemen, right? So, where do I start? First, if you slept on the original installment of this series, check out the review of that by my man Dnast Here.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….these loops are pure uncut dope! You’ll be copping 20 synth compositions labeled with the appropriate bpm, ready to drag and drop or dump and slice. All of the compositions are original and completely royalty free, so you can use and abuse them in any way you’d like. But these aren’t just mere loops. They evolve and take you on a ride through vintage synth heaven, played by the connect himself, !llmind. They also come with their respective stems in a separate folder. This allows you to pick and choose which synth layers you’d like to use, or use each “composition” in its entirety. I really appreciate kits that include the stems, as it gives us producers the power to not only choose what we use, but also to better manipulate the arrangement as well. In my opinion, that makes this product a real value.

The Synths !llmind used in these compositions are:

  • Emu Proteus 2000
  • Arp Odyssey
  • Mini Moog
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Korg Micro Preset
  • Yamaha CS20M
  • Farifsa Polychrome
  • Casio FZ-1
  • Arp Explorer 1

!llmind could’ve stopped there and it would’ve been a great library, but he took it a step further and made it even more epic by recording everything to 1/4″ tape (LYREC PTR-1).This thing screams vintage; the gooey warmth of these samples is something you have to hear to believe. It feels like you’ve found a stash of records from yesteryear that no one else knows about. When the first one stopped playing, I honestly reached for my turntable. YES, they are that good! My favorite of them all was “Under The Mattress”…..I mean where else are you gonna hide cocaine?

This limited edition product weighs in at over 750mb of ear candy, all at your disposal. It pairs well with any DAW/Sampler (Ableton, Reason, of course MPC, Maschine, FL, Pro Tools, etc) in its 16bit/44khz format, so all my MPC/ASR/hardware heads are still in the game too. And all this for $30 bucks? !llmind could charge twice that for this uncut yayo. And keep in mind this joint is droppin in less than 4 hours now…But yo, don’t be a stool pigeon… Cop your fix and keep movin’. And you better be fast too cause only 100 “J’s” will get served this time around. So saddle-up and ride the “white horse” when the clocks strikes 11:59PM EST. Now, Im headed back to the lab to take another hit. I think I’m gonna need rehab.

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