Jake One Snare Jordan 3 Review

Jake One Snare Jordan 3 Review

What Up MM? It’s a good day. Why! Because I am reviewing the latest edition in the Snare Jordan Series. Super Producer Jake One has now released the 3rd installment of his ever so popular Snare Jordan series. I’m sure you have all heard of the Snare Jordan kits. To refresh your memory a bit Snare Jordan vol.1 came in #2 on our top 10 drum kits of 2013 list. Meanwhile Snare Jordan 2 was just as dope.

Snare Jordan 3 contains a tasty selection of loops and oneshots. It’s packed with over 13 Hats, 20 Kicks, 36 Snares, 7 Loops and more. The whole kit contains roughly 100 samples, which have been taken directly from some of Jake Ones beats. All the sounds are in WAV format and compatible with Maschine, MPC Renaissance and ALL DAW’s (Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, Reason, Logic etc.)

Right. Lets get started, the organization. Just like all the other Snare Jordan kits, the files are piled into one folder, which makes the importing a little more time consuming. Not sure if this is a sly tactic as it does give you the opportunity to hear all the sounds before jumping into production mode. I would personally like to see the kits more organized with dedicated folders i.e. Snare, Kicks…….

Having said this Jake One does have 3 separate folders, 3 Kings, Hustler and Winter Schemes. 3 Kings and Hustler contain 3 samples, where as Winter Schemes contains 6. You may recognize the file names as they are tracks from Wale and J. Cole, Rick Ross (Ft. Jay-Z and Dr. Dre) and 50 Cent. So if you’re a producer who has been eyeing up some of the drums from these beats, well here you are. Gift wrapped by Jake One himself.

Now to the business end. The small selection of Hats feel a bit weak and only a few of them really stand out. Hat Sharp being my favorite. However the story changes with the Kicks. They are full of volume, thick and deliver a great punch. I really like the loops, breaks and fills. They all sound clear, colorful and can be added to a numerous amount of tracks. Snare Jordan 3 gives a limited amount of percussion sounds, but each sample is clean and full of color. Its now time for the main act, the Snares. As you would expect, they sound dope. Some more than others. The majority of the Snares truly are Super Dope and they are filled with color, which would really bring your track to life. A few of my favorite Snares are Snare Barine, Snare Full (gives a great impact), Snare Kil, Snare Wah and to be honest the list could go on.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with this kit and as you would expect, the drums is where it’s at. I did expect more, as the first 2 editions were that dope, with that said, it is quite hard to top them. This is still a good kit and definitely beefs up your arsenal. The main selling point is the Kicks and Snares. Snare Jordan 3 can be instantly downloaded for $24.99 from DrumBroker. In my opinion the price tag is fair for what’s on offer.

That’s it from me and until next time, you can catch me at @UKAntSmith

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