How to Find Your Signature Sound

How to Find Your Signature Sound

Whats up MM?! This your man Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc here to talk about finding your signature sound. Some of you may know me from youtube, if you do I’m sure you witnessed my evolution from sampling to playing original music. This helped tremendously with finding my signature sound but I did other things as well. I want to share them in hopes they may help you develop your own signature sound.

First, I had to step out of my comfort zone and stop listening to genres and artists that I already was heavily influenced by. I stopped listening to my favorite music for a couple years and it worked wonders for me personally. Otherwise, I still would’ve found myself trying to match my influences too much in some way, even subconsciously.

See, I basically had to cut off the sound of all of the commotion of everybody else’s standards, grooves, melodies, drums, rhythms and tempos. This way I could learn to listen for my own voice and set my own standards. When you stop listening to your favorite music for a while, your hearing is no longer so adjusted and locked into what everybody else has done or is currently doing in your same field or genre.

You then begin to hear less of other people’s music in your head, and more of your own unique ideas. After a while, you’ll start hearing things that no one else is hearing, and coming up with things no one else can, because it’s coming from a place only YOU can access… Your soul! That’s how “signature sounds” are born. Until next time follow me @BoonieMayfield or visit Peace


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