Foreign Allegiance-Foreign Drums Review

Foreign Allegiance-Foreign Drums Review

What’s going on members and soon to be members of the Maschine Masters Family? This is Richie Ballad coming at you with a dope review on the Foreign Allegiance-Foreign Drums. This Kit comes equipped with (4) hi-hats, (13) hard pounding kicks, (9) snares including one clap (17) funky vocal effects and (11) inspiring instrument loops. That’s 54 samples all together.

They are placed in 5 sub folders organized for that easy to find sound and they can be used in virtually any D.A.W since they are in Wav format. What blows my mind is these sounds need little to no processing since they are already mixed and mastered to cut through your mix. For the price of $9.99 this kit is a clearly a dope bargain especially for the quality of sounds that you acquire. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The kicks are by far my favorite in this kit, they hit around the 60-100 Hz for that nice low bottom thump you can feel in the mix and the 808 sub kicks literally rattle your speakers. Layer them together and you will get a smooth transition of low end in your mix. Be sure to play at low volume before testing them out. For real these bad boys hit hard.

If you’re looking to stay hydrated then look no further because these snares have a whole lot of wetness to them. These snares have that pre-delay reverb on them layered with some interesting percussion sounds. They are made to get right up in your face and fade away. They do carry a long sustain so you might want to adjust the release of the sample.

Some of the effects in the kit had that typical trap style rise and fall sweep sounds and a few cheesy vocal chants but what song in 2014 doesn’t have that. There were a few dope vocal loops that had that pumping compression effect used for those high tempo clubs joint.

There was obviously not much of a hi-hat selection. I would have expected a slew of percussion, crash or maybe even a bit of open-hats sounds in the kit. I guess the one thing we forget is that these sounds are hand selected out the producers tracks so you’re getting those specific sounds.

While digging through a few of the instrument loops I found some producer inspiration, It’s one of those moments where you load up a 2-4 bar loop and start writing down ideas, possibly chopping up some sections of the loop and making up your own progressions. Very dope on that addition Foreign Allegiance.

I have purchased many drum kits in the past, some great and some that just sit in the hard drive forgotten but this kit will not be hibernating inside my hard drive anytime soon. I recommend this kit to any music producer that wants to load up and play without having to tweak too many knobs. If you want to cop the Foreign Allegiance Drum Kit, head over to and purchase your copy today.

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