Erik Jackson Presents – Midnight Melodies Review

Erik Jackson Presents – Midnight Melodies Review

What up MM, Ant Smith here, and today I want to give you my thoughts on the latest release in the Erik Jackson series, ‘Midnight Melodies’. Erik has brought out some dope packs in the past including “Dusted Velvet”, “Essential 808” and “Analog Soul”. I am a really big fan of the Erik Jackson series and he doesn’t disappoint with his latest edition.

When I was importing the pack into Maschine the first thing I noticed were the drums. Starting with the Kicks, they really grabbed my attention. They sounded so clean, punchy, but with real grit. The Snares deliver a clean, sharp and crunchy snap, whilst the majority of the Hats are subtle, that would bring a calm atmosphere to your beat. Overall the pack delivers 19 Kicks, 14 Snares, 7 Hats, 3 Wurlitzer plucked chord scales that are organized in 3 categories, A minor – C minor – G Minor (All in single notes) and much, much more.

This pack really does deliver a wide variety of sounds and in a way, I feel a little spoiled for choice. I liked so many of them that I didn’t know where to start. Midnight Melodies includes bass line scales from the Moog Sub Phatty and Minitaur, which can introduce a deep, melodic bass rhythm to your beat. I found most of the sounds had a synth element to them, to create that atmospheric vibe. I was able to quickly make an eerie, deep, melodic track within minutes. This really is the perfect pack for any producer who likes to create a mental image for the listener.

One thing I always pay attention too, is the organization of the kit / pack. It’s always good to get an organized library, as this makes it easier for the user to import. All the folders, except the breaks, have been organized into 3 scales, A minor – C Minor and G Minor, which makes them easily identifiable. Midnight Melodies is definitely one of the nicer packs to import.

I really do like this kit and there is definitely a lot to play with. In my opinion this kit would be a great addition to any producers’ arsenal, especially as most of the sounds are very unique, giving you that eerie Midnight Vintage feel. Midnight Melodies can be purchased from The Drum Broker for $24.99. A very reasonable price tag for what is being offered. . Again, a very reasonable price tag for what is being offered.

Until next time, you can catch me at @UKAntSmith, I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Midnight Melodies. You won’t be disappointed.

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