Drum Broker Essential Snares Review

Drum Broker Essential Snares Review

What’s up everybody? This is Daysun Civil with another review for Maschine Masters. Today, I took some time to look at an essential part of every producer’s arsenal. The Drums…. In particular, I want to explore snares.

Our good friends @ hiphopdrumsamples.com have a new drum kit focusing on the ever so popular and essential snare drum. In fact, the name of this sample kit is entitled: Essential Snares. I know, you are thinking, “A kit of just snares”. Well, let me tell you this! When you hear these snares you are going to immediately pull out your MPC, Maschine, FL-Studio, SP303, SP1200, or whatever DAW you have to release the overflow of creative juices.

The Essential Snares collection contains 40 one shot snares. You may have heard them before. Hence the name, “Essential Snares”. Here’s the kicker! You have never heard them like this! I am really impressed. You can tell time was taken with crafting each and every one of these snares. They are perfectly layered and EQ’d to provide the right punch, grit, power and presence in your songs. This is definitely a great buy. Especially at the price of $9.99. You can’t beat that!

The Essential Snares sample kit is great for Hip-Hop, EDM, Dubstep, Experimental Instrumental, Neo-Soul and much more. If you are an advanced producer, you can even use them for TRAP Music. I know you are laughing but hear me out. The effects on these snares makes them easy to use for cadences, build-ups, ramps, vamps, bridges, transitions and easily fit into any recording. No joke!

Here’s what I did. I loaded up one of the stock songs in Maschine. As the song was playing, I switched out the snare drum with different snares within the Essential Snares drum kit. Immediately, I was able to hear the change in sonic texture, realize subtle to sharp shifts in dynamics, and witness coloring due to the effects of each snare. The snares brought new life and dimension to the song. Impressive! That’s all I can say.

Listen, I have collected so many drum samples through my years of producing. So, I can truly tell you…. these snares are the truth! I like hard hitting snares. Also, I like snares that bring character to the recording. When you hear my songs, I want your head to snap off! If you feel the same, then look no further. Head over to hiphopdrumsamples.com and purchase one of the best collection of snares I have ever heard. The price is only of $9.99! That’s a steal! Heck, get the Essential Kicks as well! It’s only $9.99.

Daysun Civil
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