Cardiak Minor Scales v2 review

Cardiak Minor Scales v2 review

What’s the deal? VolcanoBeats here, back at you with a brand new library from Cardiak. This time instead of the dope drums he’s known to bring, we have a crazy piano loop library aptly titled Minor Scales. This review is for the second installment of this series, which is sure to become a mainstay. Why? Read on.

Ok, where do I start? First, this is essentially a wav loop library of all pianos. Elegantly played and recorded in 24bit/48khz quality. All of the loops are labeled with tempo and the key in which it was played. “Minor scalesV2_Bpm85_keyCminor” is how they read. Wait, before you jump down my throat it’s not just another loop library. It also includes midi files for all of the 26 compositions. So you can use the wav files or if you have a dope poly synth or nice piano in your arsenal you can have the same compositions played as midi files. This is a good thing because you can keep it as is and have more control over resonance, sustain, mic placement, etc. with your own piano library. You can change up the melody to add variation or you can just use the chords. The possibilities are endless. It’s like having a top-notch piano player at your disposal. Liberace on your laptop, lol. Speaking of which the playing on this thing is phenomenal. Nothing short of stellar.

Now I didn’t forget about my diggers. This library is also great for those that are more accustomed to chopping too. As this is the way I’ve mainly used it. Dump the wav file you like right into Maschine or your weapon/sampler of choice. I auto-chopped and got some great results because like mentioned before, the playing is on point. I turned the polyphony down to 1 and got my Preemo on. My favorite was the 75 bpm played in C#minor. I chopped and tuned it up and made a dope beat at 86bpm. Another cool thing I did is since all sounds have the key in which they are played in the title, I chopped the first chord of them all, labeled them and saved them. So now I have a couple maschine groups full of hard piano hits, labeled in key so that I can stretch any of them over my keyboard and have an entirely new library. Creative, I know right? Ha-ha.

For real though it’s like having two products in one so it’s definitely worth the price. I highly recommend clicking the link below and copping if you are looking for nice, royalty free piano wav sounds and midi compositions. Signing off, back to the lab. Peace.

Minor Scales demo track by yours truly:

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