Best FREE Maschine Tutorials for Beginners

Best FREE Maschine Tutorials for Beginners

With all the Maschine tutorials floating around now a days, we decided to compile a list of some of the best Free Maschine Tutorials we had to offer to beginners. These tutorials range from Maschine 1.8 to Maschine 2.0 but still good info that can be applied to either version. Our goal is to get you up and running with Maschine as soon as possible.

Take these maschine tips, tricks, tutorials and practice them until doing things in Maschine is second nature for you. As this is when music will be the most fun. Maschine is a more than capable production tool to achieve this, it’s just up to you to master it!

  1. If you are brand new to Maschine and would like to learn how to make a sample based beat from start to finish, you should check this free course out. It also comes with downloadable files to work along with the tutorial. How to Make a Beat in Maschine
  2. Are you new to Maschine’s workflow and having a hard time understanding Patterns and Scene? This video will get you on the right track to figuring them out. How to Use Pattern and Scenes
  3. Are you new at sampling and finding it difficult to grasp the concept behind it? This video breaks down the method to the madness using Maschine. Sampling Secrets on Maschine
  4. You have a DAW such as Ableton, Protools or FL Studio and would like to open Maschine as a VST plugin inside of it. This video is for you. How to Open Maschine as a VST
  5. You want to run Maschine in standalone mode as your main sequencer but open other plugins inside of it like Massive, Kontakt etc. This video will help you out with that. How to Open Plugins in Maschine
  6. So you have mp3’s you would like to sample in Maschine but noticed the file is not supported. Here is a little work around for that. How to Load MP3’s in Maschine
  7. You want to record vocals or maybe from an external source such as ipod, turntable etc. You will need to purchase an Audio Interface and this video will show how to set it up. How to Setup your Audio Interface
  8. You purchased your turntable to start sampling directly from vinyl but noticed Maschine doesn’t have audio inputs. This video will explain how to do this. How to Sample from Turntables into Maschine
  9. Let’s say you have your sample chopped just how you want it and every time you record the samples are overlapping. You will need to have them cut each other off and this video will show you how. How to Cut Off Samples in Maschine using Choke Groups
  10. No matter how many times you record your pattern you just can’t seem to get it on beat. Using quantize would be the remedy for it. This video will show you exactly how to achieve this. How to Quantize Record in Maschine

Hopefully we were able to solve some of your problems here. If you didn’t see something on the list you’re more than welcome to use the search bar and look through over 100+ free Maschine tutorials. To join our awesome Maschine community sign up today!

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