“B ROLL STRINGS” by MSXII Sound Design Review

“B ROLL STRINGS” by MSXII Sound Design Review

What’s up MM Heads! It’s your dude BROADWAY here to review a new release from MSXII Sound Design called “B Roll Strings”. This sample library features an assortment of LIVE strings played in sessions and arranged in strategic segments, each with its own unique melodic progression.

The first thing that speaks to me with this pack, which is unique for a string based kit, is chops. B Roll Strings can be used in many ways, layered arrangement, accompaniment, etc. But I think its clear that it would be most usefully utilized by laying the different short progressions out on a MIDI controller, be it keyboard or drum machine and played in chops to your heart’s desire, or until you find that ill melody. By combining 4 or 5 samples in this pack, I quickly created a completely original melody, which thru pitching and proper transitioning sounded completely naturally played. As if a multi-parted string section were playing it.

I particularly like the “SECTION” folders, as that is where the meat and potatoes of the string silkiness is. It’s not hard to tell that this was a no frills, no lies project. These are AUTHENTIC string players on AUTHENTIC violins. The “SECTION” folders contain a wide assortment of string magic which are waiting to be toyed with, manipulated, combined, and programmed, all depending on your level of taste and creativity. This is the beauty of the kit.

For those that struggle with building your own ill string sections with realistic feel, B Roll Strings brings the best of both worlds together, by providing you a sort of “jump start” on rhythm’s while allowing you to create your own original string piece. This kit gets a BROADWAY Seal of Approval. For the producer looking to step their string game up in a realistic, live sounding manner, this is a must have.

Until next time, 100!

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