Akai MPC 1.7 Update FULL Overview

In this Akai MPC Renaissance in depth overview we highlight ALL the new features in the new MPC 1.7 update like the new mixer and track explode. This is due to release September 2014. More MPC Renaissance 1.7 tutorials coming soon!

New Features List

1) One click chop in sample chop
2) Track explode
3) FX Parameter Automation
4) Global Automation
5) Double tap note repeat to latch
6) Program channel strip on main screen
7) Duplicate Program to new track
8) Program Automation
9) More export options
10) Multicore
11) Browser Volume Control
12) Keyboard gui, playable and transposable from ASCII keyboard
13) Hybrid 3
14) Customizable V% field on LCD
16) DB gain display in mixer
17) AAX
18) Direct record (with Threshold)
19) Pads no longer route to submix when using pad inserts
20) Pad mixer view filters
21) Mixer headroom
22) Track mixer view filters
23) Keygroup program can be saved and loaded with effects
24) Expansion browser with plugin presets
25) Shift + qlinks finer hardware editing
26) Auto Preview Length Preference option
27) Doubled Virtual outputs
28) Extra decimal in Pitch Shift & Time Stretch (To match Tune)
29) Program Edit Param Automation
30) Keygroup mixer
31) One shot triggering in sample edit
32) Enter fraction values (like tempo or tune) using the keypad
33) Many new key commands
34) Q-Link trigger controls automation state
35) Shift+Pad keygroup selection in prog. edit, and setting number of keygroups from LCD
36) Meter db readouts in mixer
37) Alt/Option click to reset mixer faders and pans to 0dB and Center as well as Metronome and Master volumes
38) Full Edit Zones from Hardware (Window) Current Multiple & All, including pad lights for selected pads
39) Copy/move Insert FX in mixer
40) Auto-zooming/scrolling sequencer grid
41) Click Pad/Track channel in Mixer to select a Pad/Track
42) Drag pads in Main mode to copy/move
43) Selected Track highlighted in Mixer
44) Transport counter in LCD Sample Record
45) Track field in Pad Mixer
46) Plugin sort by manufacturer now remembered
47) Tap a pad in mixer and cursor moves to that cell on LCD
48) Browser Auto Audition state now remembered
49) Program Channel Strip in pad mixer
50) Program Channel Strip in Keygroup mixer
51) Virtual MPC pad on pad mixer channels
52) Pad mixer now has audio meters
53) Advanced metering that shows amount of clipping in numerical form
54) Fader gain scale in mixer
55) New plugin scanner
56) New midi channels for tracks in track mixer
57) Improved programs list in projects pane
58) More Q-Link control parameters
59) Chopped samples now sort numerically
60) Shift and -/+ buttons advance hardware by 10 files

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