What’s your White Whale Record?

What’s your White Whale Record?

What’s going on my MM family, today’s topic at hand is the White Whale. The white whale (Moby Dick) was captain Ahab’s obsession and ultimately the cause of his death. I want to know what is the one record you’ve been obsessed with while Diggin’ but can’t seem to find. What record is your white whale? With the invention of websites like YouTube and Whosampled it’s easy to find almost any sample that you’ve always wanted, but is it really that satisfying enough or do need to have the physical record in your collection? And asking that brings me to ask another question… Do you have to have the original pressing or would you settle for owning a reprint?

I have a few white whales but the one that I’ll share with y’all is Hung Up by Salt. I know a few places that I can easily call and order it, the question is who wants to drop seven grand on a 45″, Not Me!!! Deep down in my heart I know that I’m going to find it just sitting in a stack of 45’s one day in a corner somewhere and I know that’s going to be one of the happiest days of my life. Now if they were to reissue Hung Up I would buy it without question, but I know that it still wouldn’t be the same as finding the original pressing by Diggin’. And when I say Diggin’ I’m talking about looking in places like the Salvation Army, garage sales and dollar bins. Of course you can go to a record store and dig, but more than likely they know what they have and I’m pretty sure the sticker price is going to be a hefty one.

So think about it and drop a comment below and feel free to share your White Whale with the family. Until next time this the Maschine Gang General E52 saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace

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