What’s up MM Heads!  It’s your dude BROADWAY here to review a new release from MSXII Audio.  They’ve released the 3rd installment of the now classic SAMMICH series titled “The Sammich Kit 3: Boom Bap Edition

Already a fan of the series, the Sammich Kit 3 takes an inspired turn for the gritty.  Influenced by the sounds and textures of the boom bap era of hip-hop, the kit offers a good amount of one hit sounds that are organized as follows:

  • Bass Notes
  • Bonus Random Samples
  • Combos
  • Kicks
  • Percussion
  • Snares

Each including 12 to 16 or so sounds, the heart of this kit lies in the unique texture of each sound.  Each one hit sounds like it was individually handled with care, to give them really grimy sonic qualities at a level above most one-hit libraries.  There is a noticeable amount of dirt on the snares and thump in the kicks.  Just comparing and contrasting each sound you can notice a different character on basically each sound which makes it unique from the rest of the sounds in the library.

This type of kit will give you a diversity in your drum programming and a boom-bap feel almost immediately.  A lot of the samples, such as some of the snares and percussion sounds, offer a wide stereo field that will make the mix sound open and dynamic.

The Combos folder is a unique blend of loops and fills and short multi-hits that give you room to be creative and to have fun on your drum tracks.  Whereas the Bonus Random Samples folder are just what they are described as: an assortment of short samples that sound vintage and make for interesting decoration in your beat.

The Bass Notes folder contains 4 sub sounds that each has a different character to feature in your low end.  A couple are super subby, while the other two have mid-range growl that sounds great.

All in all, this kit was a terrific revisit to the series, and in my opinion the best Sammich kit yet.

This gets 13/16 pads and the BROADWAY SEAL OF APPROVAL. Go cop the kit now and get busy on your drumming!

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Until next time, 100!


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