The 4 Elements Collection Review

The 4 Elements Collection Review

Whats up world. D-nast here, to share my thoughts and feelings on a hot new kit from Istandard and sound designer Chello Word. The 4 Elements is a collection of drums signature to the east, west and south scenes. The 4th element being collection of loops to pair with the drums for a complete taste of what American hip-hop has to offer. Now that you guys/gals have the low down on whats what lets hop into 4 Elements and see what Istandard has for us this time.

The East– As I mentioned before, the East Coast is known for its gritty boom bap, and 4 Elements certainly delivers. Each sample included in this section sounds as if it was chopped from a vintage break beat giving them a unique vintage texture that the east coast is famous for. With 8 kicks 9 snares and 7 hat samples, Chello has included a nice variety to make it easy to find the perfect east coast flavor to fit your project.

The South– The South section comes packed with 25 samples of pure southern swag! As always I’m a sucker for 808 kicks, with 6 options, each with its own perfectly tuned flavor, this is definitely my favorite section available in 4 Elements. The South drums also come with 10 claps/snares, 4 hi hats, 3 kicks ,and 2 cymbals, each one complimenting and embodying the sound of the south. The one small flaw I see in this section, is the lack of chants. Whenever I envision a southern style beat it usually includes some sort of chant, so it surprised me that there were not any chants included . But this is by no means a deal breaker. The 808s pound and the hats are perfectly tuned, this is some good stuff!

The West– The West comes equipped with the drums that make ya wanna get hyphy. The kicks available from the West side have a nice acoustic dirt mixed with other instruments such as a tambourines and maracas giving any production a true E-40 flavor. The snares included in this selection have a modern day West coast funk to them, that is much like the sound you would hear on a new Kendrick Lamar or Game album. This folder also includes shakers, hats, and claps all of which interact in perfect harmony, and without a doubt makes me feel like I’m cruisen out in Cali.

The Loops– The Loop folder is broken down into two sections, the drums, and the instruments. The drum selection is a mix of 24 pre made loops using the drums available in the kits. These are tons of fun to chop up to build a foundation and then layer additional drums from the kit to make a slappin beat in no time. The instrument section is also super dope for the same exact purpose. This section of loops includes 17 different loops using a variety of instruments including synthesizers violins and pianos giving all of which are ready to flip into your own creation’s.

In conclusion I would say that 4 Elements is a perfect showcase of Americas hip hop scene. With dope loops to get you started and killer drums to fill the rest out. This kit is a must buy for any producer who wants a little bit of each style America has to offer. For the low price of 29.99 you gain 102 samples of pure dopeness. So make sure you head over to Istandad today to pick up your copy of 4 Elements. Chello and Istandard really knocked this one out of the park!

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