Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Review

Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Review

The chopped vocal sample has been an essential part of the hip hop game for years. It’s that small, simple yet effective piece that puts the sprinkles on the ice cream sundae known as your beat. A simple “hey” (currently overused by DJ Mustard), or a “whooo” (a la Ric Flair) is that little bit that can go a long way. Our friends at ProducersChoice.Com (@drum_samples) have recently released Vocal Warfare, the follow up to the widely popular 808 Warfare. It’s a Kontakt instrument (Version 5 or better) containing 39 total patches to get your hands dirty.

Once loaded into Kontakt, we notice the beautiful GUI (made to replicate a reel to reel tape machine) with simple ADSR knobs across the front. The next thing noticed is that we have a few of the samples more than once. Some of them dry, and some with effects. This immediately chops away at the 39 total patches. Thirteen times to be specific. The samples included in the instrument aren’t necessarily rare samples either. Most of which we’ve heard on some fairly recent tracks. The first that comes to mind is the “Look at Ya” sample which appeared on Kanye West’s “Runaway.” In addition, it is advertised that these samples are pitched perfectly across the keys. I took this to mean that they were rooted to the notes (C3 plays the sample in the key of C, D3 plays the sample in the key of D etc.) without the sample speeding up and getting all chipmunkish. That unfortunately was not the case. I was very disappointed in that. It would be great to have the samples in key with the beat being made.

When it’s all said and done, to this reviewer, this product fell well short of what I was hoping for. Bearing the name of it’s amazing and extremely popular predecessor, I was hoping for a product with hundreds of vocal samples taken from the furthest point of the globe that were new to many. The lack of WAV files for those without Kontakt is highly disappointing as well. The product is outstanding for those that don’t have the time to dig for their own vocal samples or create their own and looking for that instant gratification and inspiration. On a scale of 1-16 pads, (1 being caught in a hailstorm, 16 being laid up on the white sands of some remote island), Vocal Warfare checks in at an underwhelming 6 pads. The Producers Choice tends to hit homeruns with their releases while this one appeared to fall short of the fences.

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