MSXII-Unkempt Breaks XL (1yr Anniversary Edition) Review

What’s good MM fam, back with another review for MSXII is at the top of the sample game right now, hands down. They’ve given us everything from live original breaks to full blown original soul samples. They approach their sound design like masters of their craft.

The 1st thing I noticed is how expertly mic’d these breaks/ fills were. Just to be clear there are basically 61 samples in this kit, however 50 of those are done 4 different ways. There’s the Multi-Tracked (50 folders containing break stems), the Rex Files (50), the SSL Mix (50), and Vintage Mono (50). There is also a Bonus Fills folder containing 11 fills.

The Multi-Tracked folder contains 50 subfolders each containing one of the 50 breaks broken down by instrument (kick, snare hat, etc.,) These are basically the drums played live and mic’d from different mics. Next is Rex file folder. This is the breaks played in their original form yet chopped so the tempo or arrangement of the drums can be altered.

The SSL stereo versions of these breaks are nice and crunchy. With just the right amount of wideness and punch, these breaks are screaming to be chopped and sprinkled with further production. MMXII handled the processing of these breaks through the SSL just as well as they handled the recording process. The warmth and crunchiness heard in these breaks is very nice. The Vintage Mono folder contains the 50 samples processed in mono for a straight off of vinyl feel. If your looking to use the breaks in a form that feels similar to what you’d capture off of old records this is your folder.

The bonus fills folder contains 11 original fills in stereo format. These are all very usable, and just need to be chopped.

Overall this kit is another great produced by MMXII, the breaks are original, vintage, and hit with the right amount of crunch. This is a must have for and producer looking for Break beats to chop and use in their production.

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