MSXII Audio Steinway Stabs Review

Whats up world! D-Nast here,with my thought’s and feeling’s on another killer collection from the superhuman duo known as MSXII. For those living under a rock MSXII has been running the drum kit game this year by a long shot. With what feels like a new a kit being released almost every week, these guy’s do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Today I will be checking out The Steinway Stabs,This kit is a dope collection of chords sampled on a vintage 1910 Steinway and sons Vertegrand piano. Now that you cool cat’s are up to date on what I’m checking out let’s bust out the samplers and see what heat MSXII is packing today!

After I first downloaded and opened up the kit the first thing I noticed was an extremely organized  selection of chords to chose from. When most people make a collection of chords they just throw em in a big folder with no organization, Then turn around and sell them as is.MSXII was nice enough to go in and organize each chord into an appropriate folders such as minor, major and diminished, this is super convenient for easy identification, as well as training the users ear to what chords sounds like.

As far as quality goes, The Steinway Stabs certainly knocks it out the park. Whenever a really old musical instrument is played, the listener experiences a sound that is created from the natural de-tuning of certain keys. This added color induces a harmonic bliss that instantly launches your ears in the sound of the early 1900’s giving a great vintage vibe! As always MSXII offer’s flawlessly played chords and arpeggiated attacks, perfect for a variety of genre but probably best used for modern jazz or boom bap style hip hop.

In conclusion This kit is one of the best stab oriented collections available on the market today. The Sound’s of this classic piano, that are worth thousands of dollars can be mapped into your sampler for a fraction of the price. With over 200 chords sampled this kit is one of MSXII’s biggest to date, so in my opinion the price tag of $34.99 is 100% fair. So be sure to look out for more dope kits coming from them all year. Pick up your copy of The Steinway Stabs today. This is one collection everyone should have!   

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