Maschine Masters Beat Battle June Winners

Ant Smith


Name: Ant Smith
Hometown: Ipswich, UK (Roughly an hour from London)

Ant Smith is a UK producer who only started to take the production game seriously, 4 months ago. He now resides in north London, UK.
His inspirations in music are J Dilla, Pete Rock, MF Doom, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, DJ Premier, Alchemist and many, many more. (Seriously, this list is way too big)

Ant has chosen the Maschine MK2 as his weapon of choice. He is also equipped with KRK Rokit 8’s, Focusrite Saffire Pro, Technics SL-1210 mk2 and a Numark M101. With the help of many videos and some advice from a great “local based “ producer called “Kbee Original” Ant has self-taught himself the Maschine.

Ant is currently working with a UK based Hip-Hop artist called Tharizon and has started to work with a few more producers from around the world. He is looking to release an instrumental mixtape, sometime in the near future. So stay tuned.



DJ Plan B

Brent Strother, born and raised in Bronx, New York. As a young child I always showed interest in music while listening to Mr. Magic with my brother or recording homemade demos with my Cousin on my 4 track Tascam recorder. My attention also was focused on DJing in the late 80s and early 90s when I first heard DJ Scratch on So Wat Cha Sayin’ by EPMD. I shortly entered many local and worldwide DJ Competitions under the name DJ Nasty. I entered battles such as the 360 degrees black battle which was held in the Vista Hotel in the World Trade Center. I entered the DMC and also the Kool Mix competition in which I made it through 3 rounds and to the Finals where I came in third place. Although placing third, I was able to meet and get advice from Ludacris, Scarface, Shawnna and Jermaine Dupree. I also did many local party and club venues in which I moved the crowed playing the best Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. I also traveled to Chicago to DJ after parties for Crucial Conflict, Twista and my Cousin artist 5uvem. I performed shows out in Dorchester Massachusetts as well as DJ after parties as well. As a DJ I was at many different venues such as Mary J. Blige album listening party, and other production listening scenes.

When it comes to production, I have been in the presence of some of the best in the business. I worked with Peter Panic, sat in on sessions with Dr. Period, and assisted my good friend when engineering projects at D.I.T.C with Buckwild Lord Finesse and Pete Rock. I also recorded a local MC at D-Block studio which shortly after I listened to songs for Jadakiss projects. Gaining experience from artist and producers around me lead me to build on my craft as a producer. I began to work on local acts as well as getting my recordings placed in films that was recognized in Film Festivals. I also have placement on a mixtape by Reason which is an up and coming artist from Ice H20 that was started and owned by Raekwon from Wu tang Clan. I also just got placement on a Mix tape from J-Reel from North Carolina as well as T-Wad Da Prince from Tuscaloosa Alabama.

I’m currently working on a project with Big Chedda from Mount Vernon and his Cousin Spunk Bigga who worked in the light of Eddie F. I also have a DJ show every Friday on from 8 to 10PM rocking the Golden Era of Hip Hop and R&B. I’m constantly creating production for artist and will love to get placement in television, games, movies and commercial use. I recently won a production Collaboration Battle by Maschine Masters that gave me a lifetime membership to and a chance to receive more placement with current and upcoming artist. I love production and the way music can change a feel, mood, environment, life situations, or lead one to remember the best and worst of times. I am going out there in life and paint that picture for as many people as I can with….Music!

Brent Strother


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