Komplete 10 with Kontrol S Keyboard Controller

Komplete 10 with Kontrol S Keyboard Controller

Whats up MM, some of you may be aware of the new Native Instruments Komplete 10 with Kontrol S controller by the video NI released yesterday. One of our members @Chris202beatz was so kind to share a little more info beyond the video. (See photo below) Taking from gearsluts.com forum.

Kontrol S

It is rumored to release this Tuesday after Labor Day, with a bundled price tag ranging from $998.00 (Komplete 10 with Kontrol S25) to $1698.00 (Komplete 10 Ultimate with Kontrol S61). From the glimpse provided in the video you can see it has ARP and Scale buttons as well as a section that looks like you will be able to browse presets and call different instances of Kontakt from the controller itself.

Screen display and encoder knobs to control effects and other parameters. Plus what seems to be a couple of touch sensitive sliders and transport control. But thats about all they give you. My question for you, is this something that you will be adding to your arsenal to accompany which ever version of Maschine you own?

Even if you don’t have Maschine this looks like it maybe a good investment for those that love the sounds in Kontakt and would like to control all the parameters from a midi keyboard. From the integration Native Instruments have displayed with Maschine we can only assume this will be just as good. Let us know your thoughts below and check back Tuesday to see if there is more info!

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