Kingsway Music Library 4 Review

Kingsway Music Library 4 Review

Wuddup MM, Illeagle here, back at you with another review. On the menu for today; Multi genre producer and composer Frank Dukes brings us another volume to dig into: Kingsway Music vol. 4. This addition to the KWM library comes out swinging with a vengeance as if Dukes intended to up the stakes even further while continuing in a similar vein as his previous releases. Kingsway Vol.4 features 15 original samples composed with us crate diggers in mind. For me, this volume has great versatility and ranges from vintage soul, ambient and prog rock all the way to some serious 80’s sci-fi nostalgia. Although I find it extremely difficult to pick my favorite (they’re all well thought out to the point of being very usable multiple times) here are my top 6.

First, “COMMUNITY” stood out to me immediately. The drums and certain parts of the intro reminded me instantly of “The Charmels’” “As Long as I’ve Got You” sampled by Rza for C.R.E.A.M. This is a full instrumental. Dukes gave us a lot of change ups here and parts to play with. The guitars are insanely soul drenched and as the instrumental comes to an end we hear an unexpected turn that adds an extended bridge of sorts. I can see this one sample/ instrumental being chopped up and used in several different styles of beats.

The next one is “CRACKED OUT”. I love the feel of this track. It’s a seriously dark and creepy one. Eerie xylophones, haunting ghost moans, swishing synths panned and a brooding bass at the finale oh yeah and that guitar that sounds like a crack head scratching their skin. Just listen! This joint is a head trip that will make your neck hairs raise.

So when I got to “80SBROS” and “MAN” I thought wow! Just, wow! Sci-fi utopia, both of which capture that eighties vibe of sci-fi soundtrack music presented in films like Blade Runner and TV shows like Doctor Who. These both have lush yet simple compositions and while short, both give you just enough to work with. “MAN” is sprinkled with percussion, with open atmospheric vintage synthesizers. “80SBROS” is very driving and epic.

The last two I want to mention although not in order deliberately are “EXODUS” and “LORD FINESE”. I gotta say, “LORD FINESE” took me back to dusty vinyl days of ill back pack boom bap flavor and deep thought provoking songs. Dark pianos, xylophones and sub basses color the track with a 90’s nostalgic tint. “EXODUS” is very, VERY catchy! It Opens with a filtered synth, and then evolves into a bright epic soundscape of sorts. I can see this one being used in a big beat.

So in conclusion I’d have to say this is by far my favorite Kingsway Library yet. Well worth copping, chopping and flipping. Oh yeah, as you can tell by the cover art work, the samples contained in this volume are genius! Make sure not to sleep on this one!

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