iStandard Presents: Lean Loops and Breaks Collection Review

iStandard Presents: Lean Loops and Breaks Collection Review

As a producer/beatmaker, inspiration can come from anywhere. When we sift through samples, loops, drum hits, what is it that makes you say “yeah thats it! I’m bout to get busy!” presents: Lean Loops & Breaks Collection. Crafted by sound designer Jay Keyz. He covers all genres of music from top 40, trap, underground and soul. Using some top synths such as Nexus, Massive and others, this sound kit is at high quality sonically.

LL&BC is fully loaded with 100 loops ranging from drums, piano, live bass, and synth heavy melodies. Highly chop-able or let them ride for instant inspiration. With a selective body of loop lengths, 2 bars to full progression of 16 bars with epic build ups, this loop kits applies everything you would need to create. Well labeled 16bit/44.1kHz Wav. files with the tempos supplies a flawless workflow to compose a track.

The most impressive element about LL&BC are the fully orchestrated synth lines. These well blended inflections are compiled with multiple sounds along with progressions. During beat/song arrangement; this gives dynamics to the music without becoming static without change. Also included with some of the larger sounding loops, Jay Keyz bounces out the stems. Another great thing to have during arrangement.

On a previous blog “How To Make Your Tracks Exciting“, one of my bullet points were adding filters or distortions. Jay Keyz applies filters, flangers, distortion techniques that give a sense of vitalizing movement that will grab the attention of the listener and inspire you to spawn some dope beats.

Listed at the price of $29.99, its a given that any producer can have a filled day of creativity with endless possibilities. I give LL&BC 13/16 pads. Check out the sound demo below provided by Jay Keyz and a video of DJ Pain 1 going through these same sounds and outputs a BANGER!




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