Is the Hip Hop Culture alive in your Community?

Is the Hip Hop Culture alive in your Community?

What up MM, I’m back with another blog post and I want to talk to you about Hip-Hop in your community. Is Hip-Hop alive in your community?

Lets rewind a sec. The South Bronx is where the beauty of Hip-Hop was born. The beauty quickly spread to other areas of NYC and then rapidly took over America, and then the World.

I don’t want to deep dive into the past and where Hip-Hop started. You guys should already know this. If you don’t you should definitely do some homework because you should appreciate where and how it all started. Back in the 1970’s when the Father himself DJ Kool Herc mixed a few samples of existing records, he gave birth to the elite music form called Hip-Hop.

As Hip-Hop matured over the years, so did the community and today I want to discuss your community as it stands today. Is it anything like it was back in the day? The answer is probably not. Just like anything in its prime, it wont be beaten. If your one of the lucky ones that still has a Hip-Hop community, you should embrace it.

My community is very quiet when it comes to Hip-Hop. I wish it were different. You get the odd B-boy poster here and there. Some random cat spray painting his name (very poorly and unimaginative) on the walls. Graffiti is 1 of 5 parts of Hip-Hop and is definitely an art form, but this dude is giving it a bad name. Like, I have seen some amazing Graffiti work in Spain. It was colorful and really funky. It seemed the community was proud to have it on display. This is only a small part of Hip-Hop, but I feel Hip-Hop was still alive in this community.

I’ve heard stories of people traveling miles to go to a party in the projects. Where they had turntables on milk crates and speakers on the floor. The initial parties were so popular they had to start organizing parties outside. Hip-Hop Enthusiasts really did travel miles because they knew that the party was going to be DOPE. This doesn’t happen within my surroundings anymore, or if it does I’m not aware of it.

There are people doing good things for the Hip-Hop community, keeping the lifestyle alive, but unfortunately this has been filtered out, as alot of people hear the word Hip-Hop and think (B**ches, hoes, guns and money). These are clearly people who have not given Hip-Hop a chance and are uneducated on the subject. This frustrates me and it’s another topic for another day.

So to wrap this all up, my community needs a hit of Hip-Hop, Does yours? How can we work together to educate the wider audience about Hip-Hop?

I look forward to seeing your views and suggestions. Until next time you can catch me at @UKAntSmith.



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