International Breaks 505 Review

International Breaks 505 Review

What’s the deal MM fam? Hopefully you’re just taking a break from getting some work done. It’s your boy Volcano and today I got a nice gem for you. International breaks 505. Some of you might be familiar with the International Breaks line but if you aren’t, they cultivate, scour, and pillage rare breaks from all around the world. Mostly from the 60s, 70’’s and 80’s. The 505 bundle includes over 101 breaks of dopeness. There is definitely a lot of content to dig thru. For $25 bucks? That’s a bargain considering the cost of a flight to Spain, Romania, and Germany to go digging! Not to mention having to get your Maschine through customs. Just kidding.

These breaks are a breath of fresh air for any crate digging producer because they are mostly unheard but just as funky as the popular breaks everyone has used. I use them a couple different ways. Some are dope enough to just tune, loop and add synths on top and call it a day. Some have dope drum hits waiting to be chopped; eq’d and added to your arsenal. Others have weird chords or vocal parts like my favorite “Goimo”. They take you around the world literally. You can hear dope Spanish percussion like “2am percussion“(everybody knows that’s when the party starts, lol) and “Argentine“. “Buckingham” which must be British with a name like that but it’s just as funky as anything you could snatch from the JB’s. Also to round it up there are some dope 80s loops that were probably cooked up on the Linndrum or similar.

Another great feature in my opinion is the fact that you can hear the vinyl pops and clicks, giving it that authentic feel. A question that I know may come up in your mind is “why the need, just dig and find some yourself?” Well for every one of these 101+ breaks I’m pretty sure is took going through 20-100 records to find it. That will take you months if not years to build such a collection. Not to mention the dustiest fingers known to man. This took me 20 seconds to download, just saying. Plus it’s worth its weight in gold. I’ve had it two days and made 10 beats with it already! All in all, this bundle is instant motivation. I love breaks because they can pull you out of a slump if you are in one or they can also add that flavor your track is missing too. So let’s take a trip around world, no need for a passport though. Just your sampler and credit card are required. Signing off. Back to the grind. Peace.

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