G Koop Replay “That Ain’t the Way You Make Love” Review

Wuts good MM la familia! As promised, we are back again with some hot goodness for you to sink your teeth into. On the menu for today we have something a little special for ya. Something beyond the normal content that you are accustomed to seeing MaschineMasters review. We are pleased to present the first of many “Sample Replay” Stem packs from our homie and all around good dude, G-Koop. YES! You heard it here first!

What sets this one apart from other stem packs and kits is that it‘s a Sample replay kit or what’s known as an “interpolation”. Grammy nominated Instrumentalist and Producer, G-Koop, has put together this very faithful recreation of a sample curated by none other than Jake One, of a song called “That ain’t the way you make love” as performed by ZZ Hill and originally written by McKinley Jackson & Reggie Dozier. And I have to say, I am nothing short of amazed! G-Koop is clearly an amazing musician with an undeniable ear for detail as demonstrated in this sample replay. I mean just compare the original to this recreation and you will quickly realize just how talented this guy really is!

But yo… how many times have you dug up a gem of a sample, only to realize there is some musical element you wish you could remove, or solo, or manipulate in whatever eclectic way your creativity dictates? And now you have discovered and realize the beauty of this stem pack, and the others soon to follow. The possibilities and potential for how you guys can flip and freak this stuff is endless. No clearance needed! That’s the BEST part!

With that said, for the rest of the juicy details, we’ve got our very own DJ Hellfire to load this one up and have a listen and share his thoughts on it with you. So enjoy the video, and sound off in the comment section below! And of course, don’t forget to head over to www.samplereplaysociety.com to pick this one up. And be on the lookout for another video review on G-Koops next Sample Replay coming very soon!


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