G Koop Replay “RISING TO THE TOP” Review

What’s up MM Heads! It’s your dude BROADWAY. If you’ve been at all paying attention to the sample kit game in the last few weeks, you should have been well aware of the newly launched SampleReplaySociety.com by none other than long-time Jake One collaborator, G-Koop – Sample Replay Specialist Extraordinaire.

For quick introductions, G-Koop has been all over hip-hop music, with work spanning from Drake to George Clinton to the recently released Atmosphere album. He’s a multi-instrument machine that is well-known in the music world for both original compositions as well as impeccable sample replays of many classic soul records from the 60’s and 70’s. He’s also found time to bring us both the “12 Piece” and “15 Piece” original sample kits along with his partner-in-crime, Jake One. To put it best, he’s an ill musical genius.

So to no surprise to me, when he launched the Sample Replay Society we were given access to amazingly accurate and intricate session replays of some timeless soul joints from Art Farmer, ZZ Hill, and now Keni Burke (thus far…).

This kit, along with the previous two, is amazing for two major reasons.

The first being that it gives us the opportunity to work with a sample on a professional level in hopes of placing the record one day without worrying about clearing the master, which can be a tremendous obstacle when trying to get a record on to a studio release. If you’ve ever been through this process, you know that it’s no fun. G-Koop replaying this session in its entirety circumvents that whole issue, giving you completely royalty-free (as far as master licensing) use of classic soul records.

The second key reason this is so great is the attention to detail. Each layer and part of the original Keni Burke record has been studied and emulated to a degree where it would be extremely difficult to know that this wasn’t a 70’s recording of “Risin’ To The Top”. G-Koop has a slew of keyboards, synths, basses, pianos, string sections, etc. at his disposal and he spares no expense at utilizing them to achieve the same texture and feel of the OG versions of Keni Burke’s classic.

This kit has an astounding 22 tracks of audio all bounced from zero. That’s 22 instruments replaying the original instrumental. Detail indeed. Chop it up, make it yours, do what you will with this sample kit, but first BUY it. It’s well worth your coin. This gets the BROADWAY SEAL OF APPROVAL.

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